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SpeakInc’s youth speakers are the perfect choice for any event that needs to inspire up and coming leaders. Whether it's the latest technology trends or overcoming adversity at a young age, SpeakInc has the experts you need to motivate and educate


Arlene Pellicane

Author, Happy Home & Technology Expert

Travels from CA


['Arlene-Pellicane', 'ed-hearn']

Ed Hearn

Inspirational Championship Athlete

Travels from KS

Fee may vary

['Arlene-Pellicane', 'ed-hearn', 'Mark-Scharenbroich']

Mark Scharenbroich

Award Winning Motivational & Business Speaker

Travels from MN


['Arlene-Pellicane', 'ed-hearn', 'Mark-Scharenbroich', 'Nick-Vujicic']

Nick Vujicic

NYT Best Selling Author, International Speaker, Entrepreneur

Travels from TX

Fee may vary

['Arlene-Pellicane', 'ed-hearn', 'Mark-Scharenbroich', 'Nick-Vujicic', 'Ruby-Bridges']

Ruby Bridges

American Activist, Child Empowerment Advocate

Travels from LA

Fee may vary

['Arlene-Pellicane', 'ed-hearn', 'Mark-Scharenbroich', 'Nick-Vujicic', 'Ruby-Bridges', 'Alex-Sheen']

Alex Sheen

Founder of because I said I would, Social Entrepreneur, Humanitarian

Travels from OH

Fee may vary

['Arlene-Pellicane', 'ed-hearn', 'Mark-Scharenbroich', 'Nick-Vujicic', 'Ruby-Bridges', 'Alex-Sheen', 'Jason-Hewlett']

Jason Hewlett

Leadership Expert, Inspirational Humorist, Emcee, Entertainer & Musician

Travels from UT


['Arlene-Pellicane', 'ed-hearn', 'Mark-Scharenbroich', 'Nick-Vujicic', 'Ruby-Bridges', 'Alex-Sheen', 'Jason-Hewlett', 'Mike-Mullane']

Mike Mullane

Former Space Shuttle Astronaut

Travels from NM


['Arlene-Pellicane', 'ed-hearn', 'Mark-Scharenbroich', 'Nick-Vujicic', 'Ruby-Bridges', 'Alex-Sheen', 'Jason-Hewlett', 'Mike-Mullane', 'jim-kelly']

Jim Kelly

Hall of Fame Quarterback

Travels from NY

Fee may vary

['Arlene-Pellicane', 'ed-hearn', 'Mark-Scharenbroich', 'Nick-Vujicic', 'Ruby-Bridges', 'Alex-Sheen', 'Jason-Hewlett', 'Mike-Mullane', 'jim-kelly', 'Natalie-Stavas']

Natalie Stavas

Harvard Doctor, Mentor, Runner & International Humanitarian

Travels from PA

Fee may vary

['Arlene-Pellicane', 'ed-hearn', 'Mark-Scharenbroich', 'Nick-Vujicic', 'Ruby-Bridges', 'Alex-Sheen', 'Jason-Hewlett', 'Mike-Mullane', 'jim-kelly', 'Natalie-Stavas', 'mark-eaton']

Mark Eaton

Teambuilding Expert - NBA Speaker

Travels from UT


['Arlene-Pellicane', 'ed-hearn', 'Mark-Scharenbroich', 'Nick-Vujicic', 'Ruby-Bridges', 'Alex-Sheen', 'Jason-Hewlett', 'Mike-Mullane', 'jim-kelly', 'Natalie-Stavas', 'mark-eaton', 'Ty-Bennett']

Ty Bennett

Author, Entrepreneur & Leadership Expert

Travels from UT


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