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Jade Simmons

Rockstar Concert Pianist, Powerhouse Keynote Speaker, & 2020 Independent Presidential Candidate

Travels from TX

Fee may vary

['Jade-Simmons', 'Risha-Grant']

Risha Grant

Diversity Consultant, Speaker, Trainer & Author

Travels from OK


['Jade-Simmons', 'Risha-Grant', 'Alex-Sheen']

Alex Sheen

Founder of because I said I would, Social Entrepreneur, Humanitarian

Travels from OH

Fee may vary

['Jade-Simmons', 'Risha-Grant', 'Alex-Sheen', 'Ben-Nemtin']

Ben Nemtin

Author & Co-Creator of MTV's THE BURIED LIFE

Travels from CA


['Jade-Simmons', 'Risha-Grant', 'Alex-Sheen', 'Ben-Nemtin', 'Phil-Hansen']

Phil Hansen

Internationally Recognized Multimedia Artist, Author, and Innovator

Travels from MN

Fee may vary

['Jade-Simmons', 'Risha-Grant', 'Alex-Sheen', 'Ben-Nemtin', 'Phil-Hansen', 'Laura-Schwartz']

Laura Schwartz

White House Director of Events - The Clinton Administration, Author, International Television Commen

Travels from IL

Fee may vary

['Jade-Simmons', 'Risha-Grant', 'Alex-Sheen', 'Ben-Nemtin', 'Phil-Hansen', 'Laura-Schwartz', 'steve-gilliland']

Steve Gilliland

HoF Speaker & Best-Selling Author

Travels from NC


['Jade-Simmons', 'Risha-Grant', 'Alex-Sheen', 'Ben-Nemtin', 'Phil-Hansen', 'Laura-Schwartz', 'steve-gilliland', 'terry-jones']

Terry Jones

Founder of two billion dollar startups (Kayak & Travelocity) Author, Venture Capitalist

Travels from CA


['Jade-Simmons', 'Risha-Grant', 'Alex-Sheen', 'Ben-Nemtin', 'Phil-Hansen', 'Laura-Schwartz', 'steve-gilliland', 'terry-jones', 'Peter-Sheahan']

Peter Sheahan

Best-Selling Author, Founder & Group CEO of Karrikins Group

Travels from CO

Fee may vary

['Jade-Simmons', 'Risha-Grant', 'Alex-Sheen', 'Ben-Nemtin', 'Phil-Hansen', 'Laura-Schwartz', 'steve-gilliland', 'terry-jones', 'Peter-Sheahan', 'Kevin-Brown']

Kevin Brown

Inspirational Storyteller

Travels from FL


['Jade-Simmons', 'Risha-Grant', 'Alex-Sheen', 'Ben-Nemtin', 'Phil-Hansen', 'Laura-Schwartz', 'steve-gilliland', 'terry-jones', 'Peter-Sheahan', 'Kevin-Brown', 'David-Meade']

David Meade

Keynote Speaker, Facilitator, Broadcaster, Entertainer & Mindreader

Travels from UK


['Jade-Simmons', 'Risha-Grant', 'Alex-Sheen', 'Ben-Nemtin', 'Phil-Hansen', 'Laura-Schwartz', 'steve-gilliland', 'terry-jones', 'Peter-Sheahan', 'Kevin-Brown', 'David-Meade', 'Shama-Hyder']

Shama Hyder

Zen Master of Marketing

Travels from FL

Fee may vary

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