Terrorism Keynote Speakers

We live in a complicated time; wars are no longer fought wearing uniforms with clear battle fronts. In an age where organizations are affected by political crisis, how do you navigate this landscape? SpeakInc has experts who can help guide your next event through the modern day terrorism and how it affects your industry.


Kevin Coffey

Travel Safety & Meeting Risk Expert

Travels from CA

Fee may vary

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Bob Woodward

Legendary Pulitzer Prize-Winning Investigative Journalist, Associate Editor, "The Washington Post" &

Travels from DC

Fee may vary

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Natalie Stavas

Harvard Doctor, Mentor, Runner & International Humanitarian

Travels from PA

Fee may vary

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Robert Siciliano

Personal Security & Identity Theft Expert

Travels from MA

Fee may vary

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Matthew Schrier

Freelance Photographer & Al Qaeda Syrian Prison Survivor

Travels from FL

Fee may vary

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Kevin Mitnick

The World's Most Famous Hacker

Travels from NV

Fee may vary

['kevin-coffey', 'bob-woodward', 'Natalie-Stavas', 'robert-siciliano', 'Matthew-Schrier', 'Kevin-Mitnick', 'Michele-Rigby_Assad']

Michele Rigby Assad

Former CIA Undercover Operative & Counterterrorism Specialist

Travels from FL

Fee may vary

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Daniel Wagner

CEO of Country Risk Solutions, Risk Management & Current Events Author

Travels from NY

Fee may vary

['kevin-coffey', 'bob-woodward', 'Natalie-Stavas', 'robert-siciliano', 'Matthew-Schrier', 'Kevin-Mitnick', 'Michele-Rigby_Assad', 'Daniel-Wagner', 'herb-cohen']

Herb Cohen

Negotiating & Selling Guru

Travels from FL

Fee may vary

['kevin-coffey', 'bob-woodward', 'Natalie-Stavas', 'robert-siciliano', 'Matthew-Schrier', 'Kevin-Mitnick', 'Michele-Rigby_Assad', 'Daniel-Wagner', 'herb-cohen', 'Gal-Luft']

Gal Luft

Author, Geopolitics, Natural Resources, Energy Security & Energy Technologies Expert

Travels from DC

Fee may vary

['kevin-coffey', 'bob-woodward', 'Natalie-Stavas', 'robert-siciliano', 'Matthew-Schrier', 'Kevin-Mitnick', 'Michele-Rigby_Assad', 'Daniel-Wagner', 'herb-cohen', 'Gal-Luft', 'Joe-Torrillo']

Joe Torrillo

Retired FDNY Lieutenant

Travels from NY


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