Storytelling Keynote Speakers


Jason Hewlett

Inspirational Humorist, Emcee, Entertainer & Musician

Travels from UT


['Jason-Hewlett', 'Kevin-Brown']

Kevin Brown

Inspirational Storyteller

Travels from TN


['Jason-Hewlett', 'Kevin-Brown', 'Rohit-Bhargava']

Rohit Bhargava

Marketing, Digital Disruption, Innovation, Trend Curation Expert, Professor Georgetown University: D

Travels from DC

Fee may vary

['Jason-Hewlett', 'Kevin-Brown', 'Rohit-Bhargava', 'Sekou-Andrews']

Sekou Andrews

The World's Leading Poetic Voice

Travels from CA

Fee may vary

['Jason-Hewlett', 'Kevin-Brown', 'Rohit-Bhargava', 'Sekou-Andrews', 'Ty-Bennett']

Ty Bennett

Author, Entrepreneur & Leadership Expert

Travels from UT


['Jason-Hewlett', 'Kevin-Brown', 'Rohit-Bhargava', 'Sekou-Andrews', 'Ty-Bennett', 'Chris-Riddell']

Chris Riddell

Digital Futurist, Media Commentator

Travels from AU

Fee may vary

['Jason-Hewlett', 'Kevin-Brown', 'Rohit-Bhargava', 'Sekou-Andrews', 'Ty-Bennett', 'Chris-Riddell', 'Kindra-Hall']

Kindra Hall

Storytelling Advisor, Coach & Author

Travels from NY


['Jason-Hewlett', 'Kevin-Brown', 'Rohit-Bhargava', 'Sekou-Andrews', 'Ty-Bennett', 'Chris-Riddell', 'Kindra-Hall', 'Matthew-Luhn']

Matthew Luhn

Writer, story consultant and keynote speaker with 20 years' experience creating stories and char

Travels from CA

Fee may vary

['Jason-Hewlett', 'Kevin-Brown', 'Rohit-Bhargava', 'Sekou-Andrews', 'Ty-Bennett', 'Chris-Riddell', 'Kindra-Hall', 'Matthew-Luhn', 'Giles-Duley']

Giles Duley

Photographer, writer, storyteller

Travels from UK

Fee may vary

['Jason-Hewlett', 'Kevin-Brown', 'Rohit-Bhargava', 'Sekou-Andrews', 'Ty-Bennett', 'Chris-Riddell', 'Kindra-Hall', 'Matthew-Luhn', 'Giles-Duley', 'Jay-Shetty']

Jay Shetty

Former Monk, Award-Winning Digital Strategist & Social Media Influencer

Travels from CA


['Jason-Hewlett', 'Kevin-Brown', 'Rohit-Bhargava', 'Sekou-Andrews', 'Ty-Bennett', 'Chris-Riddell', 'Kindra-Hall', 'Matthew-Luhn', 'Giles-Duley', 'Jay-Shetty', 'Shane-Feldman']

Shane Feldman

Founder & CEO of Count Me In, Internationally Celebrated Social Entrepreneur; Community, Relationshi

Travels from anywhere

Fee may vary

['Jason-Hewlett', 'Kevin-Brown', 'Rohit-Bhargava', 'Sekou-Andrews', 'Ty-Bennett', 'Chris-Riddell', 'Kindra-Hall', 'Matthew-Luhn', 'Giles-Duley', 'Jay-Shetty', 'Shane-Feldman', 'Jay-Acunzo']

Jay Acunzo

Author of Break the Wheel, ex-Google, ESPN, HubSpot, and NextView VC, and host/producer of criticall

Travels from NY

Fee may vary

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