Storytelling Keynote Speakers

Storytelling Keynote Speakers

In the age of social media creating a compelling narrative is no small task. SpeakInc’s lineup of authors and inspirational storytellers can give you the edge and knowledge needed to craft the narrative you need.


Mariana Atencio

Peabody Award-winning Journalist, Speaker, Author & Co-founder, GoLike

Travels from FL

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Kindra Hall

Storytelling Advisor, Coach & Best-Selling Author

Travels from NY

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Ty Bennett

Author, Entrepreneur & Leadership Expert

Travels from UT

$20,000 - $30,000

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Kevin Brown

Motivational Speaker, Author & Inspirational Storyteller

Travels from FL

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Deirdre Van Nest

Insurance & Financial Services Industry Speaker/Trainer

Travels from MN

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['Mariana-Atencio', 'Kindra-Hall', 'Ty-Bennett', 'Kevin-Brown', 'Deirdre-Van_Nest', 'Shane-Snow']

Shane Snow

Bestselling Author, Journalist, Entrepreneur & Chief Creative Officer of Contently

Travels from LA

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['Mariana-Atencio', 'Kindra-Hall', 'Ty-Bennett', 'Kevin-Brown', 'Deirdre-Van_Nest', 'Shane-Snow', 'Mallory-Brown']

Mallory Brown

Social Entrepreneur, World Adventure Traveler, Humanitarian

Travels from MI

$10,000 - $20,000

['Mariana-Atencio', 'Kindra-Hall', 'Ty-Bennett', 'Kevin-Brown', 'Deirdre-Van_Nest', 'Shane-Snow', 'Mallory-Brown', 'Matthew-Luhn']

Matthew Luhn

Author, Storytelling Consultant & Inspirational Speaker

Travels from CA

$20,000 - $30,000

['Mariana-Atencio', 'Kindra-Hall', 'Ty-Bennett', 'Kevin-Brown', 'Deirdre-Van_Nest', 'Shane-Snow', 'Mallory-Brown', 'Matthew-Luhn', 'bob-costas']

Bob Costas

Emmy Award-Winning Sports Broadcaster

Travels from NY

$50,000 & Above

['Mariana-Atencio', 'Kindra-Hall', 'Ty-Bennett', 'Kevin-Brown', 'Deirdre-Van_Nest', 'Shane-Snow', 'Mallory-Brown', 'Matthew-Luhn', 'bob-costas', 'Robert-Fogarty']

Dear World

Founder at Dear World

Travels from LA

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['Mariana-Atencio', 'Kindra-Hall', 'Ty-Bennett', 'Kevin-Brown', 'Deirdre-Van_Nest', 'Shane-Snow', 'Mallory-Brown', 'Matthew-Luhn', 'bob-costas', 'Robert-Fogarty', 'Jay-Acunzo']

Jay Acunzo

Author of Break the Wheel, ex-Google, ESPN, HubSpot, and NextView VC, and host/producer of criticall

Travels from MA

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['Mariana-Atencio', 'Kindra-Hall', 'Ty-Bennett', 'Kevin-Brown', 'Deirdre-Van_Nest', 'Shane-Snow', 'Mallory-Brown', 'Matthew-Luhn', 'bob-costas', 'Robert-Fogarty', 'Jay-Acunzo', 'Dewitt-Jones']

Dewitt Jones

National Geographic Photographer

Travels from HI

$20,000 - $30,000

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