Security Keynote Speakers

Security Keynote Speakers


Eric O’Neill

Cyber-Security Expert, Inspiration for film Breach

Travels from CA

$20,000 - $30,000

['Eric-O’Neill', 'Sam-Richter']

Sam Richter

Known as the world's online intelligence expert, Sam teaches organizations how to use Google, Li

Travels from MN

$10,000 - $20,000

['Eric-O’Neill', 'Sam-Richter', 'kevin-coffey']

Kevin Coffey

Travel Safety & Meeting Risk Expert

Travels from CA

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['Eric-O’Neill', 'Sam-Richter', 'kevin-coffey', 'Daniel-Burrus']

Daniel Burrus

Technology Trends & Business Strategy Expert

Travels from CA

$30,000 - $50,000

['Eric-O’Neill', 'Sam-Richter', 'kevin-coffey', 'Daniel-Burrus', 'Brett-Williams']

Brett Williams

Former Director of Operations, US Cyber Command. Co-founder IronNet Cybersecurity

Travels from NC

$10,000 - $20,000

['Eric-O’Neill', 'Sam-Richter', 'kevin-coffey', 'Daniel-Burrus', 'Brett-Williams', 'Debra-Jasper']

Debra Jasper

Founder & CEO of Mindset Digital

Travels from OH

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['Eric-O’Neill', 'Sam-Richter', 'kevin-coffey', 'Daniel-Burrus', 'Brett-Williams', 'Debra-Jasper', 'bob-woodward']

Bob Woodward

Legendary Pulitzer Prize-Winning Investigative Journalist, Associate Editor, "The Washington Post" &

Travels from DC

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['Eric-O’Neill', 'Sam-Richter', 'kevin-coffey', 'Daniel-Burrus', 'Brett-Williams', 'Debra-Jasper', 'bob-woodward', 'Scott-Klososky']

Scott Klososky

Technology Thought Leader & Social Technologies Expert

Travels from OK

$20,000 - $30,000

['Eric-O’Neill', 'Sam-Richter', 'kevin-coffey', 'Daniel-Burrus', 'Brett-Williams', 'Debra-Jasper', 'bob-woodward', 'Scott-Klososky', 'robert-siciliano']

Robert Siciliano

Cyber Security, Personal Security & Identity Theft Expert

Travels from MA

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['Eric-O’Neill', 'Sam-Richter', 'kevin-coffey', 'Daniel-Burrus', 'Brett-Williams', 'Debra-Jasper', 'bob-woodward', 'Scott-Klososky', 'robert-siciliano', 'Matthew-Schrier']

Matthew Schrier

Freelance Photographer & Al Qaeda Syrian Prison Survivor

Travels from FL

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['Eric-O’Neill', 'Sam-Richter', 'kevin-coffey', 'Daniel-Burrus', 'Brett-Williams', 'Debra-Jasper', 'bob-woodward', 'Scott-Klososky', 'robert-siciliano', 'Matthew-Schrier', 'robert-rebhan']

Robert Rebhan

Financial Crimes Expert, Speaker & Consultant

Travels from CA

$10,000 - $20,000

['Eric-O’Neill', 'Sam-Richter', 'kevin-coffey', 'Daniel-Burrus', 'Brett-Williams', 'Debra-Jasper', 'bob-woodward', 'Scott-Klososky', 'robert-siciliano', 'Matthew-Schrier', 'robert-rebhan', 'Ben-Hammersley']

Ben Hammersley

Renowned Futurist |Author | Digital Thought Leader

Travels from NY

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