Philanthropy Keynote Speakers

Philanthropy Keynote Speakers


Doc Hendley

Philanthropist, Author & Founder of "Wine to Water"

Travels from NC

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Dale Partridge

Founder;, StartupCamp & Entrepreneur

Travels from OR

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Mick Ebeling

Founder & CEO of Not Impossible Labs, International Speaker, Author, CEO at The Ebeling Group

Travels from CA

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Roy Spence

Co-Founder & Chairman, GSD&M / Co-Founder & CEO, The Purpose Institute

Travels from TX

$30,000 - $50,000

['Doc-Hendley', 'Dale-Partridge', 'Mick-Ebeling', 'roy-spence', 'Alex-Sheen']

Alex Sheen

Founder of because I said I would, Social Entrepreneur, Humanitarian

Travels from OH

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['Doc-Hendley', 'Dale-Partridge', 'Mick-Ebeling', 'roy-spence', 'Alex-Sheen', 'Peter-Diamandis']

Peter Diamandis

Founder, Executive Chairman, XPRIZE Foundation; Executive Founder and Director, Singularity Universi

Travels from CA

$50,000 & Above

['Doc-Hendley', 'Dale-Partridge', 'Mick-Ebeling', 'roy-spence', 'Alex-Sheen', 'Peter-Diamandis', 'Robert-Fogarty']

Dear World

Founder at Dear World

Travels from LA

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['Doc-Hendley', 'Dale-Partridge', 'Mick-Ebeling', 'roy-spence', 'Alex-Sheen', 'Peter-Diamandis', 'Robert-Fogarty', 'Charles-Best']

Charles Best

DonorsChoose Founder, Captivating Storyteller, Purpose-Driven Leader, Award-Winning Innovator & Form

Travels from NY

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Tim Sanders

Technology Pioneer, New York Times Best-Selling Author

Travels from NV

$30,000 - $50,000

['Doc-Hendley', 'Dale-Partridge', 'Mick-Ebeling', 'roy-spence', 'Alex-Sheen', 'Peter-Diamandis', 'Robert-Fogarty', 'Charles-Best', 'tim-sanders', 'Amy-Purdy']

Amy Purdy

Author, Philanthropist, Pro-Snowboader, DWTS Finalist & Paralympic Medalist

Travels from CO

$50,000 & Above

['Doc-Hendley', 'Dale-Partridge', 'Mick-Ebeling', 'roy-spence', 'Alex-Sheen', 'Peter-Diamandis', 'Robert-Fogarty', 'Charles-Best', 'tim-sanders', 'Amy-Purdy', 'Ben-Nemtin']

Ben Nemtin

Author & Co-Creator of MTV's THE BURIED LIFE

Travels from CA

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['Doc-Hendley', 'Dale-Partridge', 'Mick-Ebeling', 'roy-spence', 'Alex-Sheen', 'Peter-Diamandis', 'Robert-Fogarty', 'Charles-Best', 'tim-sanders', 'Amy-Purdy', 'Ben-Nemtin', 'Natalie-Stavas']

Natalie Stavas

Harvard Doctor, Mentor, Runner & International Humanitarian

Travels from CA

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