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Meeting Professionals International (MPI) is the largest meeting and event industry association worldwide and provides education and networking opportunities and acts as a prominent voice for the promotion and growth of the industry. SpeakInc helps MPI bring the industry’s top keynote speakers and thought leaders to their events.


Vinh Giang

Entrepreneur of the Year, Magician & Coach

Travels from AU

Fee may vary

['Vinh-Giang', 'Ben-Nemtin']

Ben Nemtin

Author & Co-Creator of MTV's THE BURIED LIFE

Travels from CA

Fee may vary

['Vinh-Giang', 'Ben-Nemtin', 'Mel-Robbins']

Mel Robbins

Author, Serial Entrepreneur, Award-Winning CNN Analyst, Leading Authority on Exploiting Fear to Acce

Travels from MA


['Vinh-Giang', 'Ben-Nemtin', 'Mel-Robbins', 'Duncan-Wardle']

Duncan Wardle

#Creativity #Innovation #DesignThinking

Travels from FL

Fee may vary

['Vinh-Giang', 'Ben-Nemtin', 'Mel-Robbins', 'Duncan-Wardle', 'david-avrin']

David Avrin

Best-Selling Author, Marketing & Branding Expert

Travels from CO

Fee may vary

['Vinh-Giang', 'Ben-Nemtin', 'Mel-Robbins', 'Duncan-Wardle', 'david-avrin', 'eric-saperston']

Eric Saperston

Leadership, Innovation and What It Takes To Be Extraordinary

Travels from HI

Fee may vary

['Vinh-Giang', 'Ben-Nemtin', 'Mel-Robbins', 'Duncan-Wardle', 'david-avrin', 'eric-saperston', 'Dan-Clark']

Dan Clark

Best-Selling Author, Hall of Fame Speaker, Leadership & Peak Performance Expert

Travels from UT


['Vinh-Giang', 'Ben-Nemtin', 'Mel-Robbins', 'Duncan-Wardle', 'david-avrin', 'eric-saperston', 'Dan-Clark', 'Rosemarie-Rossetti']

Rosemarie Rossetti, Ph.D.

Speaker, Consultant, Author

Travels from OH

Fee may vary

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