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Matt Mayberry

Former NFL Linebacker, Entrepreneur Columnist, Peak Performance Strategist

Travels from IL


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Phil Hansen

Internationally Recognized Multimedia Artist, Author, and Innovator

Travels from MN

Fee may vary

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Michael Carbonaro

Actor, World-famous Magician, Comedian, Improv Artist and TV Personality

Travels from CA

Fee may vary

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Marci Rossell

Former CNBC Chief Economist & "Squawk Box" Host

Travels from IL

Fee may vary

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Jimmy Wayne

Country Music Singer/Songwriter & BestSelling Author

Travels from TN


['Matt-Mayberry', 'Phil-Hansen', 'Michael-Carbonaro', 'Marci-Rossell', 'Jimmy-Wayne', 'Daymond-John']

Daymond John

CEO, Entrepreneur & Star of Shark Tank

Travels from NY

Fee may vary

['Matt-Mayberry', 'Phil-Hansen', 'Michael-Carbonaro', 'Marci-Rossell', 'Jimmy-Wayne', 'Daymond-John', 'Rohit-Bhargava']

Rohit Bhargava

Marketing, Digital Disruption, Innovation, Trend Curation Expert, Professor Georgetown University: D

Travels from DC

Fee may vary

['Matt-Mayberry', 'Phil-Hansen', 'Michael-Carbonaro', 'Marci-Rossell', 'Jimmy-Wayne', 'Daymond-John', 'Rohit-Bhargava', 'polly-labarre']

Polly LaBarre

Co-Author, Mavericks at Work; Founding Writer Fast Company and Co-Founder Management Lab

Travels from CT

Fee may vary

['Matt-Mayberry', 'Phil-Hansen', 'Michael-Carbonaro', 'Marci-Rossell', 'Jimmy-Wayne', 'Daymond-John', 'Rohit-Bhargava', 'polly-labarre', 'Michio-Kaku']

Michio Kaku

Famed Futurist, Physicist, Bestselling Author, Radio & TV Personality

Travels from NY

Fee may vary

['Matt-Mayberry', 'Phil-Hansen', 'Michael-Carbonaro', 'Marci-Rossell', 'Jimmy-Wayne', 'Daymond-John', 'Rohit-Bhargava', 'polly-labarre', 'Michio-Kaku', 'Mel-Robbins']

Mel Robbins

Author, Serial Entrepreneur, Award-Winning CNN Analyst, Leading Authority on Exploiting Fear to Acce

Travels from MA


['Matt-Mayberry', 'Phil-Hansen', 'Michael-Carbonaro', 'Marci-Rossell', 'Jimmy-Wayne', 'Daymond-John', 'Rohit-Bhargava', 'polly-labarre', 'Michio-Kaku', 'Mel-Robbins', 'dave-barry']

Dave Barry

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Writer & Best-Selling Author

Travels from FL

Fee may vary

['Matt-Mayberry', 'Phil-Hansen', 'Michael-Carbonaro', 'Marci-Rossell', 'Jimmy-Wayne', 'Daymond-John', 'Rohit-Bhargava', 'polly-labarre', 'Michio-Kaku', 'Mel-Robbins', 'dave-barry', 'tim-sanders']

Tim Sanders

Technology Pioneer, New York Times Best-Selling Author

Travels from NV


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