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In today’s market, businesses must work to keep up not only with other companies, but also with emerging technologies as well. In this constantly evolving race, innovation is key. Business as usual just isn’t enough. We work with many top keynote speakers that are experts in guiding companies through the innovation process to gain a leg up in their industry.


Peter Sheahan

Best-Selling Author, Founder & Group CEO of Karrikins Group

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Vinh Giang

Entrepreneur of the Year, Magician & Coach

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Josh Linkner

Tech Entrepreneur, Hyper-Growth Leader

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['Peter-Sheahan', 'Vinh-Giang', 'Josh-Linkner', 'Kai-Kight']

Kai Kight

Violinist, Composer, Entrepreneur & Innovator

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Sekou Andrews

The World's Leading Poetic Voice

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Terry Jones

Founder of two billion dollar startups (Kayak & Travelocity) Author, Venture Capitalist

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Mick Ebeling

Founder & CEO of Not Impossible Labs, International Speaker, Author, CEO at The Ebeling Group

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['Peter-Sheahan', 'Vinh-Giang', 'Josh-Linkner', 'Kai-Kight', 'Sekou-Andrews', 'terry-jones', 'Mick-Ebeling', 'Roch-Parayre']

Roch Parayre

Innovation & Blue Ocean Strategy Expert

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['Peter-Sheahan', 'Vinh-Giang', 'Josh-Linkner', 'Kai-Kight', 'Sekou-Andrews', 'terry-jones', 'Mick-Ebeling', 'Roch-Parayre', 'Matthew-Luhn']

Matthew Luhn

Writer, story consultant and keynote speaker with 20 years' experience creating stories and char

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['Peter-Sheahan', 'Vinh-Giang', 'Josh-Linkner', 'Kai-Kight', 'Sekou-Andrews', 'terry-jones', 'Mick-Ebeling', 'Roch-Parayre', 'Matthew-Luhn', 'polly-labarre']

Polly LaBarre

Co-Author, Mavericks at Work; Founding Writer Fast Company and Co-Founder Management Lab

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['Peter-Sheahan', 'Vinh-Giang', 'Josh-Linkner', 'Kai-Kight', 'Sekou-Andrews', 'terry-jones', 'Mick-Ebeling', 'Roch-Parayre', 'Matthew-Luhn', 'polly-labarre', 'Duncan-Wardle']

Duncan Wardle

#Creativity #Innovation #DesignThinking

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['Peter-Sheahan', 'Vinh-Giang', 'Josh-Linkner', 'Kai-Kight', 'Sekou-Andrews', 'terry-jones', 'Mick-Ebeling', 'Roch-Parayre', 'Matthew-Luhn', 'polly-labarre', 'Duncan-Wardle', 'Michelle-Stacy']

Michelle Stacy

Former President of Keurig, Inc.

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