Human Rights Keynote Speakers

Human Rights Keynote Speakers

Humanity revolves around the framework of fundamental rights and freedom. Just like any industry, your workspace also revolves around ethics, rights and freedom. SpeakInc’s expert human rights speakers deliver speeches and presentations that can enlighten your attendees to this ever-important topic, and bring positive change in the workplace and beyond


Immaculee Ilibagiza

Author & Genocide Survivor

Travels from NY

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['Immaculee-Ilibagiza', 'Amanda-Lindhout']

Amanda Lindhout

International Best-Selling Author, Resilience Expert

Travels from AB

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['Immaculee-Ilibagiza', 'Amanda-Lindhout', 'Mallory-Brown']

Mallory Brown

Social Entrepreneur, World Adventure Traveler, Humanitarian

Travels from MI

$10,000 - $20,000

['Immaculee-Ilibagiza', 'Amanda-Lindhout', 'Mallory-Brown', 'Matthew-Schrier']

Matthew Schrier

Freelance Photographer & Al Qaeda Syrian Prison Survivor

Travels from FL

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['Immaculee-Ilibagiza', 'Amanda-Lindhout', 'Mallory-Brown', 'Matthew-Schrier', 'Bob-Goff']

Bob Goff

Best-Selling Author of Love Does, President and Founder, Restore International

Travels from CA

$20,000 - $30,000

['Immaculee-Ilibagiza', 'Amanda-Lindhout', 'Mallory-Brown', 'Matthew-Schrier', 'Bob-Goff', 'Patrick-Desbois']

Patrick Desbois

Priest, International Human Rights Activist, Founder & President of Yahad-In Unum

Travels from FR

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['Immaculee-Ilibagiza', 'Amanda-Lindhout', 'Mallory-Brown', 'Matthew-Schrier', 'Bob-Goff', 'Patrick-Desbois', 'Catriona-Wallace']

Catriona Wallace

Artificial Intelligence Entrepreneur, Founder & Executive Director Flamingo Ai

Travels from anywhere

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['Immaculee-Ilibagiza', 'Amanda-Lindhout', 'Mallory-Brown', 'Matthew-Schrier', 'Bob-Goff', 'Patrick-Desbois', 'Catriona-Wallace', 'Andre-Norman']

Andre Norman

"The Ambassador of Hope"

Travels from GA

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['Immaculee-Ilibagiza', 'Amanda-Lindhout', 'Mallory-Brown', 'Matthew-Schrier', 'Bob-Goff', 'Patrick-Desbois', 'Catriona-Wallace', 'Andre-Norman', 'Omekongo-Dibinga']

Omekongo Dibinga

"The UPstander"; Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion, Professor, Author, Rapper & Communications Exper

Travels from DC

$30,000 - $50,000

['Immaculee-Ilibagiza', 'Amanda-Lindhout', 'Mallory-Brown', 'Matthew-Schrier', 'Bob-Goff', 'Patrick-Desbois', 'Catriona-Wallace', 'Andre-Norman', 'Omekongo-Dibinga', 'Elizabeth-Smart']

Elizabeth Smart

Author / Speaker / Survivor

Travels from UT

$20,000 - $30,000

['Immaculee-Ilibagiza', 'Amanda-Lindhout', 'Mallory-Brown', 'Matthew-Schrier', 'Bob-Goff', 'Patrick-Desbois', 'Catriona-Wallace', 'Andre-Norman', 'Omekongo-Dibinga', 'Elizabeth-Smart', 'temple-grandin']

Temple Grandin

Best-Selling Author, Autistic Activist & Livestock Behavior Expert

Travels from CO

$10,000 - $20,000

['Immaculee-Ilibagiza', 'Amanda-Lindhout', 'Mallory-Brown', 'Matthew-Schrier', 'Bob-Goff', 'Patrick-Desbois', 'Catriona-Wallace', 'Andre-Norman', 'Omekongo-Dibinga', 'Elizabeth-Smart', 'temple-grandin', 'Sara-Safari']

Sara Safari

Author, Speaker, Mountain Climber, College Professor, Electrical Engineer & Women's Empowerment

Travels from CA

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