Emotional Intelligence Keynote Speakers

People with high EQs understand, master, and communicate their emotions effectively. SpeakInc’s network of emotional intelligence speakers are proficient in understanding various nuances of interpersonal relationships - helping your attendees achieve better emotional intelligence in their professional and personal lives.


Sara Ross

Leadership Strategist, Workplace Vitality Advocate, Researcher & Coach

Travels from ON

Fee may vary

['Sara-Ross', 'JP-Pawliw-Fry']

JP Pawliw-Fry

Thought Leader on Leadership, Performance & Managing Change

Travels from ON

Fee may vary

['Sara-Ross', 'JP-Pawliw-Fry', 'bill-benjamin']

Bill Benjamin

Leadership, Performance & Emotional Intelligence

Travels from IL

Fee may vary

['Sara-Ross', 'JP-Pawliw-Fry', 'bill-benjamin', 'Merit-Kahn']

Merit Kahn

Sales, Business Development & Hiring Expert

Travels from CO


['Sara-Ross', 'JP-Pawliw-Fry', 'bill-benjamin', 'Merit-Kahn', 'Kirsty-Spraggon']

Kirsty Spraggon

Relationship Building Expert

Travels from CA


['Sara-Ross', 'JP-Pawliw-Fry', 'bill-benjamin', 'Merit-Kahn', 'Kirsty-Spraggon', 'Michelle-Rozen']

Michelle Rozen

Global Expert on Leadership Through Change

Travels from NY


['Sara-Ross', 'JP-Pawliw-Fry', 'bill-benjamin', 'Merit-Kahn', 'Kirsty-Spraggon', 'Michelle-Rozen', 'arnold-sanow']

Arnold Sanow

Author, Speaker, Seminar Leader, Facilitator & Coach

Travels from VA


['Sara-Ross', 'JP-Pawliw-Fry', 'bill-benjamin', 'Merit-Kahn', 'Kirsty-Spraggon', 'Michelle-Rozen', 'arnold-sanow', 'Scott-Greenberg']

Scott Greenberg

Award-Winning Franchise Owner and Business Performance Expert

Travels from CA

Fee may vary

['Sara-Ross', 'JP-Pawliw-Fry', 'bill-benjamin', 'Merit-Kahn', 'Kirsty-Spraggon', 'Michelle-Rozen', 'arnold-sanow', 'Scott-Greenberg', 'Elizabeth-Lombardo']

Elizabeth Lombardo

Motivational Keynote Speaker, Wealth Psychologist & Media Personality

Travels from IL

Fee may vary

['Sara-Ross', 'JP-Pawliw-Fry', 'bill-benjamin', 'Merit-Kahn', 'Kirsty-Spraggon', 'Michelle-Rozen', 'arnold-sanow', 'Scott-Greenberg', 'Elizabeth-Lombardo', 'Rich-Bracken']

Rich Bracken

Storyteller, Author, Inspirational Speaker, Marketing Executive & Media Personality

Travels from anywhere

Fee may vary

['Sara-Ross', 'JP-Pawliw-Fry', 'bill-benjamin', 'Merit-Kahn', 'Kirsty-Spraggon', 'Michelle-Rozen', 'arnold-sanow', 'Scott-Greenberg', 'Elizabeth-Lombardo', 'Rich-Bracken', 'Jia-Jiang']

Jia Jiang

Founder of Wuju Learning, Most Viewed TED Talk of 2017, Bestselling Author

Travels from CA

Fee may vary

['Sara-Ross', 'JP-Pawliw-Fry', 'bill-benjamin', 'Merit-Kahn', 'Kirsty-Spraggon', 'Michelle-Rozen', 'arnold-sanow', 'Scott-Greenberg', 'Elizabeth-Lombardo', 'Rich-Bracken', 'Jia-Jiang', 'Mike-Lee']

Mike Lee

Peak Performance, Leadership, Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence & Coaching

Travels from CA


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