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Melissa Stockwell

American War Hero - U.S. Paralympian-Three Time World Champion

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Phil Hansen

Internationally Recognized Multimedia Artist, Author, and Innovator

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Amy Purdy

Author, Philanthropist, Pro-Snowboader, DWTS Finalist & Paralympic Medalist

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['Melissa-Stockwell', 'Phil-Hansen', 'Amy-Purdy', 'Nick-Vujicic']

Nick Vujicic

NYT Best Selling Author, International Speaker, Entrepreneur

Travels from CA

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['Melissa-Stockwell', 'Phil-Hansen', 'Amy-Purdy', 'Nick-Vujicic', 'jim-kelly']

Jim Kelly

Hall of Fame Quarterback

Travels from NY

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['Melissa-Stockwell', 'Phil-Hansen', 'Amy-Purdy', 'Nick-Vujicic', 'jim-kelly', 'john-register']

John Register

All American - Gulf War Veteran - Paralympic Games Silver Medalist

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['Melissa-Stockwell', 'Phil-Hansen', 'Amy-Purdy', 'Nick-Vujicic', 'jim-kelly', 'john-register', 'kyle-maynard']

Kyle Maynard

Speaker, Author, & Athlete

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['Melissa-Stockwell', 'Phil-Hansen', 'Amy-Purdy', 'Nick-Vujicic', 'jim-kelly', 'john-register', 'kyle-maynard', 'Josh-Sundquist']

Josh Sundquist

Author | Speaker | Paralympian

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['Melissa-Stockwell', 'Phil-Hansen', 'Amy-Purdy', 'Nick-Vujicic', 'jim-kelly', 'john-register', 'kyle-maynard', 'Josh-Sundquist', 'neal-petersen']

Neal Petersen

World-Class, History-Making Extreme Racing Sailor, Award-Winning Author, Global Investor

Travels from SC


['Melissa-Stockwell', 'Phil-Hansen', 'Amy-Purdy', 'Nick-Vujicic', 'jim-kelly', 'john-register', 'kyle-maynard', 'Josh-Sundquist', 'neal-petersen', 'travis-roy']

Travis Roy

Motivational Speaker, Author & SCI Activist

Travels from MA

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['Melissa-Stockwell', 'Phil-Hansen', 'Amy-Purdy', 'Nick-Vujicic', 'jim-kelly', 'john-register', 'kyle-maynard', 'Josh-Sundquist', 'neal-petersen', 'travis-roy', 'roger-crawford']

Roger Crawford

Best-Selling Author & Motivational Speaker

Travels from CA


['Melissa-Stockwell', 'Phil-Hansen', 'Amy-Purdy', 'Nick-Vujicic', 'jim-kelly', 'john-register', 'kyle-maynard', 'Josh-Sundquist', 'neal-petersen', 'travis-roy', 'roger-crawford', 'Patric_Henry-Hughes']

Patrick Henry Hughes

Virtuoso Pianist, Author, Speaker & Musician

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