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Creativity is the lifeblood of innovation. Without it, your business is doomed to lapse behind the competition. Our creative keynote speakers share your passion for innovation and enhance collaboration and the flow of ideas in your business or brand.


David Breashears

Filmmaker, Explorer, Author, Mountaineer & Professional Speaker

Travels from MA

Fee may vary

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Phil Hansen

Internationally Recognized Multimedia Artist, Author, and Innovator

Travels from MN

Fee may vary

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Dewitt Jones

National Geographic Photographer

Travels from HI


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Richard Hight

Artist, Speaker & Expert in Change

Travels from OK


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Kai Kight

Violinist, Composer, Entrepreneur & Innovator

Travels from CA


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Michelle Poler

Fear Facer – Researcher – Influencer - Keynote Speaker

Travels from NY


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Jesse Itzler

Bestselling author of "Living With A SEAL",Keynote Speaker, Endurance Athlete & Entrepreneur

Travels from GA

Fee may vary

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Duncan Wardle

#Creativity #Innovation #DesignThinking

Travels from FL


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Jade Simmons

Powerhouse Speaker, Rockstar Concert Pianist & Emergence Expert

Travels from TX

Fee may vary

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Sekou Andrews

The World's Leading Poetic Voice

Travels from CA

Fee may vary

['david-breashears', 'Phil-Hansen', 'dewitt-jones', 'Richard-Hight', 'Kai-Kight', 'Michelle-Poler', 'Jesse-Itzler', 'Duncan-Wardle', 'Jade-Simmons', 'Sekou-Andrews', 'Gary-Bradt']

Gary Bradt

Author, Clinical Psychologist, Entrepreneur, Change & Leadership Expert

Travels from NC


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Dennis Snow

Former Disney Executive, Service Excellence Expert

Travels from FL


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