Corporate Culture Keynote Speakers

Corporate Culture Keynote Speakers

As an organization, there are certain beliefs and behaviors that determine how the employees, management, and clients interact within the business ecosystem. SpeakInc’s expert corporate culture speakers share the values, attitudes, standards, and beliefs that define every successful business. They evaluate and speak on how your company can foster the right traits and behaviors in your employees.


Kate Vitasek

International Authority On Highly Collaborative Win-Win Relationships

Travels from WA

$20,000 - $30,000

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David Horsager

Author, Consultant, CEO & Business Strategist

Travels from MN

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Michael Hoffman

Leadership, Sales & Employee Engagement Guru

Travels from TX

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John Izzo

Best-Selling Author & Business Visionary

Travels from BC

$10,000 - $20,000

['Kate-Vitasek', 'Dave-Horsager', 'Michael-Hoffman', 'John-Izzo', 'nathan-jamail']

Nathan Jamail

Expert Speaker, Best Selling Author & Executive Coach on Sales, Culture & Leadership

Travels from TX

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['Kate-Vitasek', 'Dave-Horsager', 'Michael-Hoffman', 'John-Izzo', 'nathan-jamail', 'Michael-Abrashoff']

Michael Abrashoff

Former Commander, "USS Benfold" and Author, "It's Your Ship"

Travels from anywhere

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['Kate-Vitasek', 'Dave-Horsager', 'Michael-Hoffman', 'John-Izzo', 'nathan-jamail', 'Michael-Abrashoff', 'Eric-Termuende']

Eric Termuende

Workplace Expert, Co-founder - NoW of Work & Bestselling Author

Travels from BC

$20,000 - $30,000

['Kate-Vitasek', 'Dave-Horsager', 'Michael-Hoffman', 'John-Izzo', 'nathan-jamail', 'Michael-Abrashoff', 'Eric-Termuende', 'Matt-Mayberry']

Matt Mayberry

Former NFL Linebacker, Entrepreneur Columnist, Peak Performance Strategist

Travels from IL

$20,000 - $30,000

['Kate-Vitasek', 'Dave-Horsager', 'Michael-Hoffman', 'John-Izzo', 'nathan-jamail', 'Michael-Abrashoff', 'Eric-Termuende', 'Matt-Mayberry', 'Darren-Woodson']

Darren Woodson

3X Super Bowl Champion, ESPN Analyst, Entrepreneur & Speaker

Travels from TX

$30,000 - $50,000

['Kate-Vitasek', 'Dave-Horsager', 'Michael-Hoffman', 'John-Izzo', 'nathan-jamail', 'Michael-Abrashoff', 'Eric-Termuende', 'Matt-Mayberry', 'Darren-Woodson', 'Richard-Hadden']

Richard Hadden

Leadership & Employee Engagement Expert

Travels from FL

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['Kate-Vitasek', 'Dave-Horsager', 'Michael-Hoffman', 'John-Izzo', 'nathan-jamail', 'Michael-Abrashoff', 'Eric-Termuende', 'Matt-Mayberry', 'Darren-Woodson', 'Richard-Hadden', 'Kevin-Freiberg7']

Kevin Freiberg

World-wide Best-selling Author, In-person and Virtual Speaker and Advisor, Culture Coach

Travels from CA

$10,000 - $20,000

['Kate-Vitasek', 'Dave-Horsager', 'Michael-Hoffman', 'John-Izzo', 'nathan-jamail', 'Michael-Abrashoff', 'Eric-Termuende', 'Matt-Mayberry', 'Darren-Woodson', 'Richard-Hadden', 'Kevin-Freiberg7', 'Risha-Grant']

Risha Grant

Diversity Consultant, Speaker, Trainer & Author

Travels from OK

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