Conflict Resolution Keynote Speakers


Connie Podesta

Expert in Psychology of Leadership, Sales & Change

Travels from TX


['Connie-Podesta', 'frank-bucaro']

Frank Bucaro

Authority on Business Ethics

Travels from IL


['Connie-Podesta', 'frank-bucaro', 'Deepak-Malhotra']

Deepak Malhotra

Harvard Business School Professor

Travels from MA

Fee may vary

['Connie-Podesta', 'frank-bucaro', 'Deepak-Malhotra', 'Teresa-Taylor']

Teresa Taylor

Work/Life Leadership & Strategic Planning Expert

Travels from CO

Fee may vary

['Connie-Podesta', 'frank-bucaro', 'Deepak-Malhotra', 'Teresa-Taylor', 'Willie-Jolley']

Willie Jolley

The Attitude & Achievement Expert

Travels from DC


['Connie-Podesta', 'frank-bucaro', 'Deepak-Malhotra', 'Teresa-Taylor', 'Willie-Jolley', 'marilyn-sherman']

Marilyn Sherman

Author & Motivational Speaker

Travels from NV


['Connie-Podesta', 'frank-bucaro', 'Deepak-Malhotra', 'Teresa-Taylor', 'Willie-Jolley', 'marilyn-sherman', 'jason-young']

Jason Young

Author, Speaker, & Consultant

Travels from TX


['Connie-Podesta', 'frank-bucaro', 'Deepak-Malhotra', 'Teresa-Taylor', 'Willie-Jolley', 'marilyn-sherman', 'jason-young', 'drum-cafe']

Drum Cafe

Entertainment & Interactive Team-Building

Travels from CA

Fee may vary

['Connie-Podesta', 'frank-bucaro', 'Deepak-Malhotra', 'Teresa-Taylor', 'Willie-Jolley', 'marilyn-sherman', 'jason-young', 'drum-cafe', '-Afterburner_inc']

Afterburner, Inc.

Corporate Team Buidling & Leadership Seminars

Travels from GA


['Connie-Podesta', 'frank-bucaro', 'Deepak-Malhotra', 'Teresa-Taylor', 'Willie-Jolley', 'marilyn-sherman', 'jason-young', 'drum-cafe', '-Afterburner_inc', 'arnold-sanow']

Arnold Sanow

Author, Speaker, Seminar Leader, Facilitator & Coach

Travels from VA


['Connie-Podesta', 'frank-bucaro', 'Deepak-Malhotra', 'Teresa-Taylor', 'Willie-Jolley', 'marilyn-sherman', 'jason-young', 'drum-cafe', '-Afterburner_inc', 'arnold-sanow', 'lenora-billings-harris']

Lenora Billings-Harris

Cultural Diversity & Inclusion Expert

Travels from NC


['Connie-Podesta', 'frank-bucaro', 'Deepak-Malhotra', 'Teresa-Taylor', 'Willie-Jolley', 'marilyn-sherman', 'jason-young', 'drum-cafe', '-Afterburner_inc', 'arnold-sanow', 'lenora-billings-harris', 'meagan-johnson']

Meagan Johnson

Generational Humorist

Travels from AZ


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