Cancer Survivors Keynote Speakers


Jim Morris "The Rookie"

Author, Athlete, & Educator

Travels from TX


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Scott Hamilton

Olympic Gold Medalist Skater & Cancer Survivor

Travels from TN

Fee may vary

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Alan Hobson

2-Time Cancer Survivor & Climb Back from Cancerâ„¢ Coach, Best-Selling Author, Speaker & World Adventu

Travels from AB


['Jim-Morris1', 'Scott-Hamilton', 'alan-hobson', 'Giuliana-and-Bill-Rancic']

Giuliana and Bill Rancic

Celebrity Couple, Entrepreneurs & Breast Cancer Awareness Advocates

Travels from CA

Fee may vary

['Jim-Morris1', 'Scott-Hamilton', 'alan-hobson', 'Giuliana-and-Bill-Rancic', 'kate-geagan']

Kate Geagan

Award Winning Dietitian, Nutrition Communications Expert, Author & Sustainable Food Spokesperson

Travels from UT


['Jim-Morris1', 'Scott-Hamilton', 'alan-hobson', 'Giuliana-and-Bill-Rancic', 'kate-geagan', 'Josh-Sundquist']

Josh Sundquist

Author | Speaker | Paralympian

Travels from CA


['Jim-Morris1', 'Scott-Hamilton', 'alan-hobson', 'Giuliana-and-Bill-Rancic', 'kate-geagan', 'Josh-Sundquist', 'don-yaeger']

Don Yaeger

Best-Selling Author, Sports PR Firm CEO, Former Sports Illustrated Editor & Cancer Survivor

Travels from FL


['Jim-Morris1', 'Scott-Hamilton', 'alan-hobson', 'Giuliana-and-Bill-Rancic', 'kate-geagan', 'Josh-Sundquist', 'don-yaeger', 'ed-hearn']

Ed Hearn

Inspirational Championship Athlete

Travels from KS

Fee may vary

['Jim-Morris1', 'Scott-Hamilton', 'alan-hobson', 'Giuliana-and-Bill-Rancic', 'kate-geagan', 'Josh-Sundquist', 'don-yaeger', 'ed-hearn', 'Scott-Greenberg']

Scott Greenberg

Former Award-Wining Edible Arrangements Franchisee; High-Performance Mindset for Franchises, Leaders

Travels from CA

Fee may vary

['Jim-Morris1', 'Scott-Hamilton', 'alan-hobson', 'Giuliana-and-Bill-Rancic', 'kate-geagan', 'Josh-Sundquist', 'don-yaeger', 'ed-hearn', 'Scott-Greenberg', 'Shannon-Miller']

Shannon Miller

Wife, Mother, Olympic Gold Medalist, TV Commentator & Analyst, Author, Health & Fitness Advocate, an

Travels from FL


['Jim-Morris1', 'Scott-Hamilton', 'alan-hobson', 'Giuliana-and-Bill-Rancic', 'kate-geagan', 'Josh-Sundquist', 'don-yaeger', 'ed-hearn', 'Scott-Greenberg', 'Shannon-Miller', 'joe-torre']

Joe Torre

Legendary MLB Manager, Player & Hall of Famer

Travels from NY

Fee may vary

['Jim-Morris1', 'Scott-Hamilton', 'alan-hobson', 'Giuliana-and-Bill-Rancic', 'kate-geagan', 'Josh-Sundquist', 'don-yaeger', 'ed-hearn', 'Scott-Greenberg', 'Shannon-Miller', 'joe-torre', 'terry-healey']

Terry Healey

Inspirational Cancer Survivor

Travels from CA


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