Branding Keynote Speakers

Branding Keynote Speakers

We all know what a brand is; most of us even have favorites. Whether you need to create, sustain, or increase your brand’s reach, an understanding of your key demographic is crucial. SpeakInc’s robust selection of branding keynote speakers will deliver invaluable insights on developing and nurturing your brand.


Denise Lee Yohn

Brand-Building Expert, Speaker & Author

Travels from CA

$10,000 - $20,000

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Bruce Turkel

Author, Marketing & Brand Management Expert

Travels from FL

$20,000 - $30,000

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Clyde Fessler

Retired VP Business Development, Harley-Davidson Motor Company

Travels from AZ

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Jon Picoult

Customer Experience & Leadership Expert; Acclaimed Speaker; Published Writer; Founder, Watermark Con

Travels from CT

$20,000 - $30,000

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Joseph A. Michelli

Motivational Humorist, Best-Selling Author, & Business Consultant

Travels from FL

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Scott McKain

Business Leader, Author, & Hall-of-Fame Speaker

Travels from NV

$30,000 - $50,000

['Denise-Yohn', 'bruce-turkel', 'clyde-fessler', 'Jon-Picoult', 'joseph-a-michelli', 'scott-mckain', 'Sally-Hogshead']

Sally Hogshead

Fascination Expert!

Travels from FL

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['Denise-Yohn', 'bruce-turkel', 'clyde-fessler', 'Jon-Picoult', 'joseph-a-michelli', 'scott-mckain', 'Sally-Hogshead', 'Johnny-Earle']

Johnny Cupcakes

Entrepreneur, Branding & Marketing Guru

Travels from MA

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Kaplan Mobray

Best-Selling Author, Thought Leader Career Consultant & Consulting Expert

Travels from NY

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Erik Wahl

Graffiti Artist, Author, Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

Travels from CA

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['Denise-Yohn', 'bruce-turkel', 'clyde-fessler', 'Jon-Picoult', 'joseph-a-michelli', 'scott-mckain', 'Sally-Hogshead', 'Johnny-Earle', 'Kaplan-Mobray', 'erik-wahl', 'Barb-Stuckey']

Barb Stuckey

Food & Beverage Industry Veteran

Travels from CA

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['Denise-Yohn', 'bruce-turkel', 'clyde-fessler', 'Jon-Picoult', 'joseph-a-michelli', 'scott-mckain', 'Sally-Hogshead', 'Johnny-Earle', 'Kaplan-Mobray', 'erik-wahl', 'Barb-Stuckey', 'Jade-Simmons']

Jade Simmons

Powerhouse Speaker, Rockstar Concert Artist, & Born Storyteller

Travels from TX

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