Top Diversity Keynote Speakers from SpeakInc

By Lisa Coleman | March 10, 2020

In today's business climate, embracing diversity is not just admirable - it is essential; and the one statement we hear over and over is, "We need to bring more diversity to the stage."

Here are some of the top keynote speakers - for any budget - currently getting the most traction with our clients:

Sara Ross | Workplace Vitality Advocate | $10,000 Range

SaraRoss_ActionPhotoSara Ross is a Speaker, Leadership Strategist and Researcher but is best described as a vitality advocate on a mission to redefine how we succeed at work and thrive in life; a pursuit earning her a reputation as a fresh and thought-provoking voice in the discussions of work-life balance, sustainable high performance and organizational health. To deliver on this mission, Sara expanded her coaching and strategy firm to include BrainAMPED, a research collaboration hub dedicated to sharing brain-based, vitality-enhancing strategies to create healthier, happier, high performing leaders and workplaces.

Risha Grant | Diversity Consultant | $10,000 Range

RishaGrant_ActionPhotoRisha Grant is diversity personified. From her race, gender and lifestyle choices, to being a young, small business owner and tackling economic issues, every area of her life intersects diversity. Her interest in societal isms like racism, sexism, ageism, classism and plain old stupidism began when she was very young. Instead of playing outside, she was inside "playing" school - or more accurately - learning to count, read and write, just in case her darker skin tone cheated her out of an equal education. Risha would later learn how experiences like these would feed into her biases and with that realization, Risha planned to change the world, starting with the reddest state in the nation.

Rene Rodriguez | Founder & CEO, Volentum | $12,500 Range


René Rodriguez is entertaining, but he is NOT an entertainer. His clients say things like, "you could hear a pin drop as everyone was so captivated." Rene's engaging speaking style, backed by his scientific approach, makes him a top-rated speaker at every event. For the last 20 years, René has researched and applied behavioral neuroscience as a dynamic keynote speaker, leadership advisor, world class sales expert, and renowned speaker coach. Yet, he believes that we are only scratching the surface of what is possible and that every profession can benefit from fully engaging the human mind/brain.

Denise Lee Yohn | Brand Building Expert | $15,000 Range

DeniseLeeYohn_ActionPhotoThrough her expertise and personal approach, Denise has become an in-demand keynote speaker, inspiring business leaders around the world to build great brands and exceptional organizations. Denise enjoys challenging readers to think differently about brand leadership. It was with that goal in mind that she has written several books including the bestseller What Great Brands Do: The Seven Brand-Building Principles that Separate the Best from the Rest and her latest book FUSION: How Integrating Brand and Culture Powers the World's Greatest Companies.

Simon T. Bailey | Former Walt Disney Executive | $20,000 Range

SimonBailey_ActionPhotoSimon T. Bailey is leader of the SPARK Movement whose purpose is to ignite sustainable transformation in people, individuals, systems, and nations. He understands the pressure leaders and high performers are facing in the midst of uncertainty and equips them with simple, easy-to-implement strategies to accelerate results. He has been named one of the top 25 people who will help you reach your business and life goals by SUCCESS magazine, joining a list that includes Brene Brown, Tony Robbins, and Oprah Winfrey. His Goalcast video, released on Facebook, has over 87+million views worldwide.

Vinh Giang | Entrepreneur & Magician | $27,500 Range

VinhGiang_ActionPhotoWith only 6 months to graduate, Vinh Giang left his degree in commerce and law to become an online magic teacher ultimately building a hugely successful online business, 52kards, which earned him the award of Top Young Entrepreneur in Australia. Vinh Giang's real magic journey began when he finally understood what Robert Houdin meant when he said: "A magician is an actor playing the part of the magician." Once Vinh understood the meaning behind this quote, he focused all his energy on studying the art of performance and not the art of presentation. He has spent the last 15 years mastering the art of performance-enhanced communication, helping thousands of professionals worldwide to learn these skills.

Vernice Armour | First U.S. African-American Female Combat Pilot | $30,000 Range

VerniceArmour_ActionPhotoLeveraging her "Breakthrough Mentality" and "Get Gutsy" mindset, Vernice "FlyGirl" Armour propelled herself from beat cop to combat pilot in a record-breaking three years and became America's First African American Female Combat Pilot. As featured on CNN, MSNBC, The View, FOX News, Oprah Winfrey and others, FlyGirl's fresh, edgy style, high, contagious energy and unique, gutsy essence jump off the stage, page and screen and moves people to action. Since 2007, she has inspired countless organizations and individuals to make gutsy moves and create breakthrough results.

Vivek Wadhwa | Tech Researcher & Harvard Distinguished Fellow | $35,000 Range

VivekWadhwa_ActionPhotoVivek's background is impressive - an Entrepreneur, Academic, Author, Keynote Speaker wrapped into a wonderfully vibrant and charismatic package. His research is focused on the critical advances in robotics, artificial intelligence, computing, synthetic biology, 3D printing, medicine, and nanomaterials, and how these advances are creating disruptive changes for companies, industries, governments and the culture at large. Vivek rejoined Harvard as a Distinguished Fellow, Harvard Law School, Labor, and Worklife Program, where he will help lead a critical three-year research project on the effects of technology on future employment and work. This will be the first study on how technology will affect the core foundations of our economy.

Let us know if you'd like to check any of these speakers’ availability for your next event. And, as always, we are here to make recommendations of top keynote speakers based on your specific objectives.


Written by Lisa Coleman
Lisa joined SpeakInc in 2005 with six successful years working in the speaker bureau industry. She became a Partner in 2010. Lisa is a graduate of Southern Illinois University with a degree in Biological Sciences and Secondary Education. She has been in sales since she was 16: shoes, cocktails, jewelry, military items, pistachios, secondary computer parts (her own company) and speakers. She operates our Tucson office. When not working she enjoys golf, yard work, working out at the gym and relaxing in her pool.

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