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Authors have a special literary talent to capture the attention of the reader and convey a story people can relate to. From politics and economics, to fiction and biographies of history's most prominent figures; these authors have something important to share with any group. Engage your audience with thought-provoking speeches from our network of best selling authors.


Mark Scharenbroich

Award Winning Motivational & Business Speaker

Travels from MN


['Mark-Scharenbroich', 'Kevin-Brown']

Kevin Brown

Inspirational Storyteller

Travels from FL


['Mark-Scharenbroich', 'Kevin-Brown', 'Gary-Bradt']

Gary Bradt

Author, Clinical Psychologist, Entrepreneur, Change & Leadership Expert

Travels from NC


['Mark-Scharenbroich', 'Kevin-Brown', 'Gary-Bradt', 'Colette-Carlson']

Colette Carlson

Human Behavior Expert & Author

Travels from CA


['Mark-Scharenbroich', 'Kevin-Brown', 'Gary-Bradt', 'Colette-Carlson', 'roy-spence']

Roy Spence

Co-Founder & Chairman, GSD&M / Co-Founder & CEO, The Purpose Institute

Travels from TX

Fee may vary

['Mark-Scharenbroich', 'Kevin-Brown', 'Gary-Bradt', 'Colette-Carlson', 'roy-spence', 'Dennis-Snow13']

Dennis Snow

Former Disney Executive, Service Excellence Expert

Travels from FL


['Mark-Scharenbroich', 'Kevin-Brown', 'Gary-Bradt', 'Colette-Carlson', 'roy-spence', 'Dennis-Snow13', 'michael-tchong']

Michael Tchong

Trends+Innovation Speaker

Travels from NV

Fee may vary

['Mark-Scharenbroich', 'Kevin-Brown', 'Gary-Bradt', 'Colette-Carlson', 'roy-spence', 'Dennis-Snow13', 'michael-tchong', 'Robert-Wendover']

Robert Wendover

Managing Director, Center for Generational Studies

Travels from CO


['Mark-Scharenbroich', 'Kevin-Brown', 'Gary-Bradt', 'Colette-Carlson', 'roy-spence', 'Dennis-Snow13', 'michael-tchong', 'Robert-Wendover', 'Richard-Hadden']

Richard Hadden

Leadership & Employee Engagement Expert

Travels from FL


['Mark-Scharenbroich', 'Kevin-Brown', 'Gary-Bradt', 'Colette-Carlson', 'roy-spence', 'Dennis-Snow13', 'michael-tchong', 'Robert-Wendover', 'Richard-Hadden', 'heidi-hanna']

Heidi Hanna

Author, Speaker, Performance & Wellness Coach

Travels from CA

Fee may vary

['Mark-Scharenbroich', 'Kevin-Brown', 'Gary-Bradt', 'Colette-Carlson', 'roy-spence', 'Dennis-Snow13', 'michael-tchong', 'Robert-Wendover', 'Richard-Hadden', 'heidi-hanna', 'david-breashears']

David Breashears

Filmmaker, Explorer, Author, Mountaineer & Professional Speaker

Travels from MA

Fee may vary

['Mark-Scharenbroich', 'Kevin-Brown', 'Gary-Bradt', 'Colette-Carlson', 'roy-spence', 'Dennis-Snow13', 'michael-tchong', 'Robert-Wendover', 'Richard-Hadden', 'heidi-hanna', 'david-breashears', 'Sally-Hogshead']

Sally Hogshead

Fascination Expert!

Travels from FL

Fee may vary

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