Astronauts / Space Keynote Speakers


Mike Mullane

Former Space Shuttle Astronaut

Travels from NM


['Mike-Mullane', 'Peter-Diamandis']

Peter Diamandis

Author & Chairman/CEO of X PRIZE Foundation

Travels from CA

Fee may vary

['Mike-Mullane', 'Peter-Diamandis', 'Robert_Hoot-Gibson']

Robert "Hoot" Gibson

Retired NASA Astronaut & Air Race Pilot

Travels from TN

Fee may vary

['Mike-Mullane', 'Peter-Diamandis', 'Robert_Hoot-Gibson', 'Mike-Massimino']

Mike Massimino

Astronaut, Columbia Professor, Media Personality, Bestselling Author & Explorer

Travels from NY

Fee may vary

['Mike-Mullane', 'Peter-Diamandis', 'Robert_Hoot-Gibson', 'Mike-Massimino', 'Garrett-Reisman']

Garrett Reisman

Former Astronaut & Director of Space Operations, SpaceX

Travels from CA

Fee may vary

['Mike-Mullane', 'Peter-Diamandis', 'Robert_Hoot-Gibson', 'Mike-Massimino', 'Garrett-Reisman', 'Rhea-Seddon']

Rhea Seddon

Astronaut, Author & Medical Officer

Travels from TN

Fee may vary

['Mike-Mullane', 'Peter-Diamandis', 'Robert_Hoot-Gibson', 'Mike-Massimino', 'Garrett-Reisman', 'Rhea-Seddon', 'Allan-McDonald']

Allan McDonald

Aerospace Consultant, Author, Safety, Leadership & Ethics Expert

Travels from VT

Fee may vary

['Mike-Mullane', 'Peter-Diamandis', 'Robert_Hoot-Gibson', 'Mike-Massimino', 'Garrett-Reisman', 'Rhea-Seddon', 'Allan-McDonald', 'Ron-Garan']

Ron Garan

Social Entrepreneur, Humanitarian, Writer, Motivational Speaker

Travels from TX

Fee may vary

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