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Maddy Dychtwald

Author, Speaker & Age Wave Co-Founder

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Ken Dychtwald

Futurist, Author, Psychologist, & Entrepreneur

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Mark Goldstein

Global Aging Expert

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Jacqueline Marcell

Author, Elder Care Expert & Caregiver Advocate

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David Donnan

Innovation Expert: Agriculture, Retail, Restaurant, Food & Beverage Industries

Travels from IL

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Dan Veto

Senior Advisor at Age Wave & Retirement Expert

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Joseph Coughlin

MIT AgeLab Director

Travels from MA

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Matt Thornhill

Futurist, Generational Expert, Boomer and Millennial Authority, Author, Marketer

Travels from VA

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Robert Waldinger

Psychiatrist, Psychoanalyst, and Zen Priest

Travels from MA

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Ted Fishman

Best-Selling Author, Financial & Economic Journalist

Travels from IL


['maddy-dychtwald', 'Ken-Dychtwald', 'mark-goldstein', 'jacqueline-marcell', 'David-Donnan', 'dan-veto', 'joseph-coughlin', 'matt-thornhill', 'Robert-Waldinger', 'ted-fishman', 'bill-thomas']

Bill Thomas

Author, Geriatric Medicine & Eldercare Expert

Travels from NY

Fee may vary

['maddy-dychtwald', 'Ken-Dychtwald', 'mark-goldstein', 'jacqueline-marcell', 'David-Donnan', 'dan-veto', 'joseph-coughlin', 'matt-thornhill', 'Robert-Waldinger', 'ted-fishman', 'bill-thomas', 'shirley-jones']

Shirley Jones

Award-Winning Actress, Entertainer & Broadway Star

Travels from CA

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