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Celebrities are the perfect way to add a dramatic flair to any engagement. They are exciting, engaging, and a welcomed boost to brand recognition. If you need to ‘wow’ at your next event, our network of celebrity speakers has rich and dynamic expertise to add pizazz to any occasion or brand.


Amy Purdy

Author, Philanthropist, Pro-Snowboader, DWTS Finalist & Paralympic Medalist

Travels from CO

Fee may vary

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Scott Bloom

Corporate Host & MC The Power of Laughter. The Language of Business

Travels from CA

Fee may vary

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Michael Carbonaro

Actor, World-famous Magician, Comedian, Improv Artist and TV Personality

Travels from CA

Fee may vary

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Anderson Cooper

Award Winning Broad Cast Journalist & CNN Host

Travels from NY

Fee may vary

['Amy-Purdy', 'scott-bloom', 'Michael-Carbonaro', 'Anderson-Cooper', 'Daymond-John']

Daymond John

CEO, Entrepreneur & Star of Shark Tank

Travels from NY

Fee may vary

['Amy-Purdy', 'scott-bloom', 'Michael-Carbonaro', 'Anderson-Cooper', 'Daymond-John', 'mark-eaton']

Mark Eaton

Teambuilding Expert - NBA Speaker

Travels from UT


['Amy-Purdy', 'scott-bloom', 'Michael-Carbonaro', 'Anderson-Cooper', 'Daymond-John', 'mark-eaton', 'Jim-Morris1']

Jim Morris "The Rookie"

Author, Athlete, & Educator

Travels from TX


['Amy-Purdy', 'scott-bloom', 'Michael-Carbonaro', 'Anderson-Cooper', 'Daymond-John', 'mark-eaton', 'Jim-Morris1', 'Jon-Dorenbos']

Jon Dorenbos

NFL Veteran & Renowned Comedy Magician

Travels from CA

Fee may vary

['Amy-Purdy', 'scott-bloom', 'Michael-Carbonaro', 'Anderson-Cooper', 'Daymond-John', 'mark-eaton', 'Jim-Morris1', 'Jon-Dorenbos', 'dave-barry']

Dave Barry

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Writer & Best-Selling Author

Travels from FL

Fee may vary

['Amy-Purdy', 'scott-bloom', 'Michael-Carbonaro', 'Anderson-Cooper', 'Daymond-John', 'mark-eaton', 'Jim-Morris1', 'Jon-Dorenbos', 'dave-barry', 'victoria-labalme']

Victoria Labalme

Internationally Acclaimed Performing Artist

Travels from NY

Fee may vary

['Amy-Purdy', 'scott-bloom', 'Michael-Carbonaro', 'Anderson-Cooper', 'Daymond-John', 'mark-eaton', 'Jim-Morris1', 'Jon-Dorenbos', 'dave-barry', 'victoria-labalme', 'Scott-Hamilton']

Scott Hamilton

Olympic Gold Medalist Skater & Cancer Survivor

Travels from TN

Fee may vary

['Amy-Purdy', 'scott-bloom', 'Michael-Carbonaro', 'Anderson-Cooper', 'Daymond-John', 'mark-eaton', 'Jim-Morris1', 'Jon-Dorenbos', 'dave-barry', 'victoria-labalme', 'Scott-Hamilton', 'laila-ali']

Laila Ali

Champion Boxer, Beauty & Lifestyle Brand CEO

Travels from CA

Fee may vary

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