Find Your Keynote Speaker


At SpeakInc, our job is to make your job easier.

The first step in finding the right speaker is working with someone who listens.

Your time is precious and your event is looming. You need a speaker who will wow, and a partner you can trust. One who hears you—with an unbiased ear and fast answers whenever you need them. A reliable go-to who understands your needs and will make sure your event is THE event.

We get it—choosing the right speaker is a make or break proposition.

The weight is on your shoulders: planning, managing and making a difference at your organization. And when it’s time to plan an event, you have to be in high gear from inception through the closing session. We know that it can be a thankless task. One that only gets attention when something isn’t perfect. We completely understand the pressures you face. At SpeakInc, our job is to make your job easier.

What if you had a partner to ensure every detail is handled—on time, every time?

And what if that partner could manage all the speaker’s needs, from rate negotiation to travel and more? With SpeakInc, you have that partner. We’re your secret weapon for all things speaker-related. We’ll make you look like a rock star while giving you back the time you need to shine in your other responsibilities.

One specialty. Countless solutions.

When you focus on one specific service, you develop the expertise to do it at an unrivaled level. We know the speaking business inside and out. Our team knows how to consider all the possibilities to find the perfect solution for your event. You can count on SpeakInc to deliver:

Experience you can lean on.

Collectively, we’ve honed our skills for 177 years. We’ve learned all the tricks of the trade. We hire only the best and brightest. As a result, we have some of the strongest relationships—with speakers and clients—in the business. We’ve helped hundreds of companies simplify their event organization. We’re ready to help yours, too.

Responsiveness you can appreciate.

We’re proactive, flexible problem solvers who believe that all our clients require our passionate dedication. And we’re always available—24/7—to give you our personal touch.

A deep and diverse pool of speakers.

As a non-exclusive speakers bureau, we give you access to the best and brightest speakers in the business. Our only agenda is matching the right speaker with your subject matter.

Non-exclusivity is the key. The right speaker is the result.

We build and maintain relationships with the biggest and most diverse names in the keynote speaking world. As a non-exclusive speakers bureau, we have to be knowledgeable about the entire landscape of speaker options.

SpeakInc is a proud member of:

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And a sponsor of:

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So we make recommendations that are genuinely aligned with your event design and goals. And we’re free to share honest feedback with you on all the speakers with whom we work.

No incentives. No obligation to push any particular speaker. Just honest and transparent recommendations that will set you and your event up for ultimate success.

Best of all, you won't feel like you’re working with a company, you’ll be working with your teammate, who will cater to your every need.

Bring our experience to your team.

We’ve seen and solved it all when it comes to booking keynote speakers, motivational speakers, business speakers and entertainers. If you’re ready to put our expertise to work for you, take the first step and reach out. We can’t work with everyone. Only those who want to add a dynamic next level to their speaker events. And only those seeking a partner who’s faced what they’re up against. Sound like you?

Make it simple.

Founded on finding a better way.

Our founder, Ruth Levine-Schmid was just like you. She was doing so much more than planning events, but feeling like her contribution was underappreciated. Ruth knew that she could take her knowledge and help others to do their jobs flawlessly, earning them the recognition they deserved. So in 1989, she launched SpeakInc. Since then, SpeakInc has grown into the largest speakers bureau in the western U.S.