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Technology Futurist, Marketing Coach, Author

Terry Brock is a meeting planner's dream choice! He is fun, entertaining, has presentations that are packed with relevant information -- and he's a joy to work with for professional meetings!

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He has worked with professionals from organizations in many different fields including real estate, accounting, architecture, banking, sales, marketing, computers and others. He is a speaker in demand because of his practical, easy-to-understand manner and style. He travels enough so that he is single-handedly keeping two major airlines in business! He has now accumulated enough frequent flier miles to go to NEPTUNE (!) and back!

Terry was inducted into the Professional Speakers Hall of Fame by the prestigious National Speakers Association. This high honor is awarded to the top 1% of speakers world-wide. This means that when you hire Terry you can rest assured that you'll get powerfully relevant and real-world ideas coupled with a fun style on the stage and a professional approach to all aspects of your meeting.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in communications. He also holds a Master of Business Administration in marketing from Georgia State University.

When Skype had a need for someone to head up their enterprise blogging efforts, they asked Terry to be their Chief Enterprise Blogger. In that position, Terry is working with Skype and its base of 145 million monthly users for practical, business-oriented ways to collaborate and get business done. He is a regular columnist for Business Journals and writes regularly for industry magazines The Wholesaler, The Representor, and Agency Sales. His podcast is available on iTunes and he has over 90,000 views on his YouTube video channel.

Similarly, when AT&T needed someone to assist with their big Networking Exchange Blog (100+ authors reaching 20,000 / month visitors), they knew they needed Terry Brock to do the work. In that position he was Editor-in-Chief for one of the world's premier blogs on topics such as The Cloud, Mobility, Security, Social Media and other hot topics.

Terry has presented and done business in the following countries: Canada, Mexico, Holland, Russia, Australia, Panama, Norway, Japan, England, Thailand, Argentina, France, Indonesia, Singapore, Bermuda, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, and even Texas!

Terry has taught martial arts, worked in radio, newspapers, is studying the Russian and Japanese languages, rides a unicycle and is learning to play the guitar. In his spare time, he still finds it possible to work on marketing and technology almost 24 hours each day!

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Talk Titles:

Social Media & Portable Technologies for Business Success Today

Social Media cannot be ignored. It is taking our world by storm -- and affecting business leaders in a profound way. No, you can't stick your head in the sand and ignore it. However, for those who understand it and embrace what it can do, they will profit from it.

In this power-packed session you will learn about "The Big Five" of Social Media -- Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+. In this session you'll hear about each of these for business applications to get serious results in business.

In addition to Social Media, you're going to get an inside peek at some powerful mobile technology tools like Smartphones, iPads and Portable Computers that can help you do the job from anywhere at anytime. Having the right tools and knowing how to use them give you a strong, competitive advantage in today's highly competitive world.

Klout Matters:

How to Engage Customers, Build Your Digital Influence -- and Raise Your Klout Score
Klout is a digital scoring system used to rank people on a 0-100 scale. Sometimes controversial, the subject of Klout helps to measure one's digital influence on the Internet and social media specifically.

In this easy-to-understand presentation, Terry will share specific step-by-step ways to raise your Klout Score. If you use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, or other social media platforms, this is a must-hear presentation. Discover what works and what doesn't work in the world of social media as it relates to your Klout Score.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Video and More:

Profound Ways Executives Are Connecting Today With Employees And Customers
Are you confused about social media, technology and all the flurry of activity that is going on in this crazy world? Learn what business leaders in the US and around the world are doing to leverage technology and social media to gain a competitive advantage. Discover new tools that can help you achieve your goals in this or any economy.

Relationship Marketing:

IT's NOT about E-Commerce (The Electronics); It's about R-Commerce (Relationships)
Relationship Marketing is about connecting with clients and making sure they stay with you for more than price. In this program Terry will address specific needs that buyers have and show you how to take your business to the next level.

Your host, Terry Brock, is an internationally known professional speaker who has worked with many businesses in 35 countries. As a professional who travels extensively, he knows the issues and concerns your clients are facing. His entertaining, information-packed style will be a delight for you.

Speaking Topics:

Author, Change, E-Commerce, Future, Networking, Presentations, Social Media, Technology, Trends, Success, Sales, Marketing