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There aren't many people who will ever earn the prestigious title of Olympic Medalist. The amount of hard work, resolve, and perseverance a person has to win a gold or silver medal is second to no one. This heart puts Olympic athletes in high demand for public speakers. They can be very effective in motivating a broad audience. SpeakInc prides itself on booking the top speakers in the industry. We now have a category specially for olympiads that are being sought for corporate and trade events.

SpeakInc has been procuring Olympic medalists for corporate and other keynote speeches at events across the globe for over 25 years. We have over twenty olympic keynote speakers on our books.

Olympic athletes know first hand the key elements to success; teamwork, dedication, motivation and perseverance. They aren't just motivated by money or glory but also by obtaining personal excellence making them powerful motivation speakers.

Many Reasons to Book with Speak Inc

We develop a close relationship with our keynote speakers. This allows us to get through publicist and other gatekeepers to bring the big eye catching names you want speaking at your event.
At the 1976 Olympics in Montreal, Canada, a 14-year-old Romanian dynamo captured the hearts and minds of the world with her daring and perfection. We came to know her simply as "Nadia."

By the time the 1976 Olympics ended, Comaneci had earned se
Today Tim Daggett is one of the most "in demand" professional speakers in the country. Beyond his Perfect 10 and Olympic Gold, Tim's story of inner strength, motivation and learning to overcome insurmountable obstacles shows audiences that with commit
Miracle, from Walt Disney pictures, is the inspiring story of hockey player Mike Eruzione, his coach, the late Herb Brooks and his fellow teammates as they transcended their sport and united a nation with a new feeling of hope.

The film is based
Janet Evans is widely considered to the be the greatest female distance swimmer in history. Despite her small size and unorthodox windmill stroke, she was a natural-born swimmer, completing laps by the age of two. In 1987, when she was 15 years old, Janet
Rowdy Gaines life is one of inspiration and courage. Gaines, born in Winter Haven, Florida, didn't start swimming until the age of 17. He tried other sports as youngster but was either too short, too slow, or not coordinated enough. As he recalls, "I
During the 2000 Summer Olympic Games in Sydney, Rulon Gardner cemented his spot in Olympics history by providing the world with an inspirational and unforgettable story that perfectly captures the spirit of the Games. Pulling off what is now remembered as
Bruce Jenner captivated audiences when he broke the world record by scoring 8,634 points in the decathlon at the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal, earning him the title of "World`s Greatest Athlete." His accomplishments merited his picture on the
Scott Hamilton is the living example that "Good guys CAN finish first!!" He is an Olympic Champion, cancer survivor, television broadcaster, motivational speaker, author, husband/father and eternal optimist!

For over fifteen years, Sco

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