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Your corporate gatherings and public events are a key aspect of how your target audience will view the brand. So it’s important to craft the events with care. There is no better option that having the highly professional TedX speakers to make your event shine with thought provoking and mind blowing conversations


Sarah Moshman

Emmy Award-winning Documentary Filmmaker, TV Producer & TEDx Speaker

Travels from CA


['Sarah-Moshman', 'Scott-Hamilton']

Scott Hamilton

Olympic Gold Medalist Skater & Cancer Survivor

Travels from TN

Fee may vary

['Sarah-Moshman', 'Scott-Hamilton', 'dan-thurmon']

Dan Thurmon

Author, Peak Performance Coach, Keynote Speaker

Travels from GA

Fee may vary

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Michelle Poler

Fear Facer – Researcher – Influencer - Keynote Speaker

Travels from FL


['Sarah-Moshman', 'Scott-Hamilton', 'dan-thurmon', 'Michelle-Poler', 'Adam-Kreek']

Adam Kreek

Olympic Gold Medalist, Adventurer, Social Entrepreneur, Corporate Storyteller & Management Consultan

Travels from BC

Fee may vary

['Sarah-Moshman', 'Scott-Hamilton', 'dan-thurmon', 'Michelle-Poler', 'Adam-Kreek', 'Nancy-Giordano']

Nancy Giordano

Strategic Futurist, Corporate Strategist, Keynote Speaker

Travels from TX

Fee may vary

['Sarah-Moshman', 'Scott-Hamilton', 'dan-thurmon', 'Michelle-Poler', 'Adam-Kreek', 'Nancy-Giordano', 'Rohit-Bhargava']

Rohit Bhargava

Marketing, Digital Disruption, Innovation, Trend Curation Expert, Professor Georgetown University: D

Travels from DC

Fee may vary

['Sarah-Moshman', 'Scott-Hamilton', 'dan-thurmon', 'Michelle-Poler', 'Adam-Kreek', 'Nancy-Giordano', 'Rohit-Bhargava', 'Seth-Godin']

Seth Godin

Former Yahoo VP of Marketing, Best-Selling Author, Entrepreneur, Leadership, Marketing & Change Expe

Travels from NY

Fee may vary

['Sarah-Moshman', 'Scott-Hamilton', 'dan-thurmon', 'Michelle-Poler', 'Adam-Kreek', 'Nancy-Giordano', 'Rohit-Bhargava', 'Seth-Godin', 'Adam-Smiley-Poswolsky']

Adam Smiley Poswolsky

Millennial Workplace Expert, Author, Speaker

Travels from CA

Fee may vary

['Sarah-Moshman', 'Scott-Hamilton', 'dan-thurmon', 'Michelle-Poler', 'Adam-Kreek', 'Nancy-Giordano', 'Rohit-Bhargava', 'Seth-Godin', 'Adam-Smiley-Poswolsky', 'Denise-Yohn']

Denise Lee Yohn

Brand-Building Expert, Speaker & Author

Travels from CA


['Sarah-Moshman', 'Scott-Hamilton', 'dan-thurmon', 'Michelle-Poler', 'Adam-Kreek', 'Nancy-Giordano', 'Rohit-Bhargava', 'Seth-Godin', 'Adam-Smiley-Poswolsky', 'Denise-Yohn', 'Eric-Termuende']

Eric Termuende

Workplace Expert, Co-founder - NoW Innovations & Bestselling Author

Travels from BC

Fee may vary

['Sarah-Moshman', 'Scott-Hamilton', 'dan-thurmon', 'Michelle-Poler', 'Adam-Kreek', 'Nancy-Giordano', 'Rohit-Bhargava', 'Seth-Godin', 'Adam-Smiley-Poswolsky', 'Denise-Yohn', 'Eric-Termuende', 'David-Meade']

David Meade

Keynote Speaker, Facilitator, Broadcaster, Entertainer & Mindreader

Travels from UK

Fee may vary

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