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From CEOs to athletes to entrepreneurs, SpeakInc’s speakers will motivate your attendees to be successful and reach their full potential through hard work. Our success speakers can instill a culture of success at your next event, in the workplace, and in attendees’ personal lives.


Karl Mecklenburg

All-Pro NFL Celebrity, Motivator, Storyteller, Teamwork & Leadership Expert

Travels from CO


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Eric Termuende

Workplace Expert, Co-founder - NoW Innovations & Bestselling Author

Travels from BC

Fee may vary

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Ryan Harris

Super Bowl Champion, 10yr NFL vet, Speaker, Broadcaster, board member, Muslim, ND Grad, Family Man.

Travels from CO

Fee may vary

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Alex Banayan

National Bestselling Author of "The Third Door", "Forbes" 30 under 30, Named Wor

Travels from CA

Fee may vary

['karl-mecklenburg', 'Eric-Termuende', 'Ryan-Harris', 'Alex-Banayan', 'Chip-Eichelberger']

Chip Eichelberger

Peak Performance, Motivation and Sales Strategist

Travels from TN


['karl-mecklenburg', 'Eric-Termuende', 'Ryan-Harris', 'Alex-Banayan', 'Chip-Eichelberger', 'joe-theismann']

Joe Theismann

World Champion NFL Quarterback, Broadcaster & Entrepreneur

Travels from TN

Fee may vary

['karl-mecklenburg', 'Eric-Termuende', 'Ryan-Harris', 'Alex-Banayan', 'Chip-Eichelberger', 'joe-theismann', 'Merit-Kahn']

Merit Kahn

Sales, Business Development & Hiring Expert

Travels from CO


['karl-mecklenburg', 'Eric-Termuende', 'Ryan-Harris', 'Alex-Banayan', 'Chip-Eichelberger', 'joe-theismann', 'Merit-Kahn', 'mark-allen']

Mark Allen

The Greatest Triathlete of All Time

Travels from CA


['karl-mecklenburg', 'Eric-Termuende', 'Ryan-Harris', 'Alex-Banayan', 'Chip-Eichelberger', 'joe-theismann', 'Merit-Kahn', 'mark-allen', 'Ford-Saeks']

Ford Saeks

Business Growth and Internet Marketing Specialist

Travels from KS


['karl-mecklenburg', 'Eric-Termuende', 'Ryan-Harris', 'Alex-Banayan', 'Chip-Eichelberger', 'joe-theismann', 'Merit-Kahn', 'mark-allen', 'Ford-Saeks', 'libby-gill']

Libby Gill

Executive Coach, Leadership Expert, Award-winning Author

Travels from CA

Fee may vary

['karl-mecklenburg', 'Eric-Termuende', 'Ryan-Harris', 'Alex-Banayan', 'Chip-Eichelberger', 'joe-theismann', 'Merit-Kahn', 'mark-allen', 'Ford-Saeks', 'libby-gill', 'Michelle-Gielan']

Michelle Gielan

Positive Psychology & Communications Expert

Travels from TX


['karl-mecklenburg', 'Eric-Termuende', 'Ryan-Harris', 'Alex-Banayan', 'Chip-Eichelberger', 'joe-theismann', 'Merit-Kahn', 'mark-allen', 'Ford-Saeks', 'libby-gill', 'Michelle-Gielan', 'Gary-Bradt']

Gary Bradt

Author, Clinical Psychologist, Entrepreneur, Change & Leadership Expert

Travels from NC

Fee may vary

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