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Randy Pennington

Resource for Leaders who Expect Results

Travels from TX


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Mike Mullane

Former Space Shuttle Astronaut

Travels from NM


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Kevin Freiberg

World-wide Best-selling Author, In-person and Virtual Speaker and Advisor, Culture Coach

Travels from CA

Fee may vary

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Ed Hearn

Inspirational Championship Athlete

Travels from KS

Fee may vary

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Steve Rizzo

The Attitude Adjuster, Corporate Humorist

Travels from NY


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Mike McKinley

Business Speaker With Just the Right Amount of Humor

Travels from MN


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Larry Johnson

Corporate Culture Expert

Travels from AZ


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Tom Connellan

Best-Selling Author, Customer Loyalty, Leadership & Change Expert

Travels from VA


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David Nash

Author & Healthcare Expert

Travels from PA

Fee may vary

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Sheila Murray Bethel

Best-Selling Author, Leadership & Change Expert

Travels from CA


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Ed Foreman

CEO, Former Congressman & Business Entrepreneur

Travels from TX


['randy-pennington', 'Mike-Mullane', 'Kevin-Freiberg7', 'ed-hearn', 'steve-rizzo', 'mike-mckinley', 'larry-johnson', 'Tom-Connellan', 'David-Nash', 'sheila-murray-bethel', 'ed-foreman', 'kurt-kilpatrick']

Kurt Kilpatrick

Motivational Humorist

Travels from AL

Fee may vary

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