Future Trends Keynote Speakers

You may not be able to see into the future, but is your business at least ready for it? We work with top thought leaders that use research, scientific data, and experience to help your company prepare for what’s coming next.


Michael Tchong

Trends+Innovation Speaker

Travels from NV

Fee may vary

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Mike Walsh

Futurist, Keynote Speaker, & Innovation Coach

Travels from NY


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Vikram Mansharamani

Global Trend-Watcher, Harvard University Lecturer, Investor & Author, Boombustology: Spotting Financ

Travels from MA


['michael-tchong', 'Mike-Walsh', 'Vikram-Mansharamani', 'Chris-Riddell']

Chris Riddell

Digital Futurist, Media Commentator

Travels from CA

Fee may vary

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Jack Uldrich

Global Futurist, Scholar & Best-Selling Author

Travels from MN

Fee may vary

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Michael Rogers

The Practical Futurist

Travels from NY


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Daniel Kraft

Faculty Chair Medicine & Neuroscience, Singularity University and Founder and Chair, Exponential Med

Travels from CA

Fee may vary

['michael-tchong', 'Mike-Walsh', 'Vikram-Mansharamani', 'Chris-Riddell', 'jack-uldrich', 'Michael-Rogers', 'Daniel-Kraft,_MD', 'Patrick-Schwerdtfeger']

Patrick Schwerdtfeger

Futurist and leading authority on technology trends

Travels from CA

Fee may vary

['michael-tchong', 'Mike-Walsh', 'Vikram-Mansharamani', 'Chris-Riddell', 'jack-uldrich', 'Michael-Rogers', 'Daniel-Kraft,_MD', 'Patrick-Schwerdtfeger', 'Scott-Klososky']

Scott Klososky

Technology Thought Leader & Social Technologies Expert

Travels from OK


['michael-tchong', 'Mike-Walsh', 'Vikram-Mansharamani', 'Chris-Riddell', 'jack-uldrich', 'Michael-Rogers', 'Daniel-Kraft,_MD', 'Patrick-Schwerdtfeger', 'Scott-Klososky', 'Alan-Beaulieu']

Alan Beaulieu

Economic Forecaster

Travels from NH

Fee may vary

['michael-tchong', 'Mike-Walsh', 'Vikram-Mansharamani', 'Chris-Riddell', 'jack-uldrich', 'Michael-Rogers', 'Daniel-Kraft,_MD', 'Patrick-Schwerdtfeger', 'Scott-Klososky', 'Alan-Beaulieu', 'terry-savage']

Terry Savage

Financial Advisor, Author, Expert on Global Finances

Travels from IL


['michael-tchong', 'Mike-Walsh', 'Vikram-Mansharamani', 'Chris-Riddell', 'jack-uldrich', 'Michael-Rogers', 'Daniel-Kraft,_MD', 'Patrick-Schwerdtfeger', 'Scott-Klososky', 'Alan-Beaulieu', 'terry-savage', 'Robert-Tucker']

Robert Tucker

Global Futurist, Innovation Thought Leader & Author

Travels from CA

Fee may vary

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