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SpeakInc’s professional network enables you to have the globe’s best entrepreneur speakers who have harnessed great experience to guide future generations. Having a proven track record of innovative approaches, seamless technology, and successful methodologies, an entrepreneur speaker is able to deliver valuable insights on entrepreneurship.


Ty Bennett

Author, Entrepreneur & Leadership Expert

Travels from UT


['Ty-Bennett', 'Patrick-Schwerdtfeger']

Patrick Schwerdtfeger

Futurist and leading authority on technology trends

Travels from CA

Fee may vary

['Ty-Bennett', 'Patrick-Schwerdtfeger', 'Vinh-Giang']

Vinh Giang

Entrepreneur of the Year, Magician & Coach

Travels from AU

Fee may vary

['Ty-Bennett', 'Patrick-Schwerdtfeger', 'Vinh-Giang', 'John-OLeary']

John O'Leary

Inspirational Founder, Rising Above

Travels from MO


['Ty-Bennett', 'Patrick-Schwerdtfeger', 'Vinh-Giang', 'John-OLeary', 'Peter-Diamandis']

Peter Diamandis

Founder, Executive Chairman, XPRIZE Foundation; Executive Founder and Director, Singularity Universi

Travels from CA

Fee may vary

['Ty-Bennett', 'Patrick-Schwerdtfeger', 'Vinh-Giang', 'John-OLeary', 'Peter-Diamandis', 'Daymond-John']

Daymond John

CEO, Entrepreneur & Star of Shark Tank

Travels from NY

Fee may vary

['Ty-Bennett', 'Patrick-Schwerdtfeger', 'Vinh-Giang', 'John-OLeary', 'Peter-Diamandis', 'Daymond-John', 'guy-kawasaki']

Guy Kawasaki

Internet CEO & Former Marketing Director of Apple

Travels from CA

Fee may vary

['Ty-Bennett', 'Patrick-Schwerdtfeger', 'Vinh-Giang', 'John-OLeary', 'Peter-Diamandis', 'Daymond-John', 'guy-kawasaki', 'Phil-Hansen']

Phil Hansen

Internationally Recognized Multimedia Artist, Author, and Innovator

Travels from MN

Fee may vary

['Ty-Bennett', 'Patrick-Schwerdtfeger', 'Vinh-Giang', 'John-OLeary', 'Peter-Diamandis', 'Daymond-John', 'guy-kawasaki', 'Phil-Hansen', 'Josh-Linkner']

Josh Linkner

Tech Entrepreneur, Hyper-Growth Leader

Travels from MI


['Ty-Bennett', 'Patrick-Schwerdtfeger', 'Vinh-Giang', 'John-OLeary', 'Peter-Diamandis', 'Daymond-John', 'guy-kawasaki', 'Phil-Hansen', 'Josh-Linkner', 'Jason-Hewlett']

Jason Hewlett

Leadership Expert, Inspirational Humorist, Emcee, Entertainer & Musician

Travels from UT


['Ty-Bennett', 'Patrick-Schwerdtfeger', 'Vinh-Giang', 'John-OLeary', 'Peter-Diamandis', 'Daymond-John', 'guy-kawasaki', 'Phil-Hansen', 'Josh-Linkner', 'Jason-Hewlett', 'Michelle-Poler']

Michelle Poler

Fear Facer – Researcher – Influencer - Keynote Speaker

Travels from FL


['Ty-Bennett', 'Patrick-Schwerdtfeger', 'Vinh-Giang', 'John-OLeary', 'Peter-Diamandis', 'Daymond-John', 'guy-kawasaki', 'Phil-Hansen', 'Josh-Linkner', 'Jason-Hewlett', 'Michelle-Poler', 'Adam-Kreek']

Adam Kreek

Olympic Gold Medalist, Adventurer, Social Entrepreneur, Corporate Storyteller & Management Consultan

Travels from BC

Fee may vary

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