CEMA Keynote Speakers

CEMA Keynote Speakers

The Corporate Event Marketing Association (CEMA) is the premier community for marketing and event marketing professionals. SpeakInc helps CEMA bring the industry’s top keynote speakers and thought leaders to their events.


Erik Qualman

Top Technology and Motivational Speaker, #1 Bestselling Author & Futurist

Travels from TX

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Rohit Bhargava

Marketing, Digital Disruption, Innovation, Trend Curation Expert, Professor Georgetown University: D

Travels from DC

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Tim Sanders

Technology Pioneer, New York Times Best-Selling Author

Travels from NV

$30,000 - $50,000

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Heidi Hanna

Author, Speaker, Performance & Wellness Coach

Travels from CA

$20,000 - $30,000

['Erik-Qualman', 'Rohit-Bhargava', 'tim-sanders', 'heidi-hanna', 'Mike-Robbins']

Mike Robbins

Best-Selling Author on Teamwork, Emotional Intelligence & Empowerment

Travels from CA

$20,000 - $30,000

['Erik-Qualman', 'Rohit-Bhargava', 'tim-sanders', 'heidi-hanna', 'Mike-Robbins', 'Amy-Blankson']

Amy Blankson

Co-founder GoodThink, Presidential Point of Light, Award-winning Author, Technology, Productivity, a

Travels from TX

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['Erik-Qualman', 'Rohit-Bhargava', 'tim-sanders', 'heidi-hanna', 'Mike-Robbins', 'Amy-Blankson', 'Scott-Klososky']

Scott Klososky

Technology Thought Leader & Social Technologies Expert

Travels from OK

$20,000 - $30,000

['Erik-Qualman', 'Rohit-Bhargava', 'tim-sanders', 'heidi-hanna', 'Mike-Robbins', 'Amy-Blankson', 'Scott-Klososky', 'Seth-Mattison']

Seth Mattison

Leadership, Culture and Future of Work Strategist

Travels from NC

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['Erik-Qualman', 'Rohit-Bhargava', 'tim-sanders', 'heidi-hanna', 'Mike-Robbins', 'Amy-Blankson', 'Scott-Klososky', 'Seth-Mattison', 'kelly-mcdonald']

Kelly McDonald

Diversity Marketing & Business Trends Expert

Travels from CO

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['Erik-Qualman', 'Rohit-Bhargava', 'tim-sanders', 'heidi-hanna', 'Mike-Robbins', 'Amy-Blankson', 'Scott-Klososky', 'Seth-Mattison', 'kelly-mcdonald', 'Molly-Fletcher']

Molly Fletcher

CEO, Author, Entrepreneur & Former Top Sports Agent

Travels from GA

$30,000 - $50,000

['Erik-Qualman', 'Rohit-Bhargava', 'tim-sanders', 'heidi-hanna', 'Mike-Robbins', 'Amy-Blankson', 'Scott-Klososky', 'Seth-Mattison', 'kelly-mcdonald', 'Molly-Fletcher', 'Jay-Acunzo']

Jay Acunzo

Author of Break the Wheel, ex-Google, ESPN, HubSpot, and NextView VC, and host/producer of criticall

Travels from MA

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['Erik-Qualman', 'Rohit-Bhargava', 'tim-sanders', 'heidi-hanna', 'Mike-Robbins', 'Amy-Blankson', 'Scott-Klososky', 'Seth-Mattison', 'kelly-mcdonald', 'Molly-Fletcher', 'Jay-Acunzo', 'Shane-Snow']

Shane Snow

Bestselling Author, Journalist, Entrepreneur & Chief Creative Officer of Contently

Travels from LA

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