Top 4 Reasons You Should Work with a Non-Exclusive Bureau

By Richard Gibbons | July 29, 2020

Securing keynote speakers can be a tough role for event marketers. Working with a bureau can make it easier. We wanted to share the top four reasons why.

It saves time. 

Event marketers get peppered with loads of keynote suggestions from lots of different internal stakeholders. They can be prone to suggest crazy ideas:

  • Globally recognized entrepreneurs who couldn’t be less interested.
  • Active, sitting CEOs or publicly elected officials not even permitted to accept fees.

Many of these ideas can be completely undeliverable. We can save you from chasing dead ends.

Predictable disasters are avoided.

When selecting a keynoter, it's not a time to take chances or risks. Understanding the constellation of talent out there is critical.

That knowledge answers questions like:

  • Who is prone to cancel just days before your event?
  • Who spontaneously dabbles in profanity?
  • Who loves a delightful round of alienating political content?

Knowing the answers to these questions (and many like them) can save huge headaches!

Past success is predictive.

We work with hundreds of event profiles:

  • different audience demographics and messaging goals
  • different corporate cultures and budget constraints

When a speaker is adored by an audience similar to yours, we can plagiarize that success.

You get agnostic advice.

Non-exclusive bureaus won’t force feed you exclusive talent. Agencies with backroom speaker obligations can sometimes make biased recommendations.

With a non-exclusive bureau, you get an impartial view of the of entire talent universe. We’re an invested partner in your event outcome.

Thanks for all the hard work you and your teams do to create meaningful and memorable events.

Written by Richard Gibbons

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