Athletes / Sports Keynote Speakers

Athletes / Sports Keynote Speakers

Sports figures can inspire and amaze. Everyone loves the tale of an underdog winning the big game against incredible odds. Delight your audience by giving ears to amazing feats of success and struggle from SpeakInc’s top sporting icons and personalities


Joe Theismann

World Champion NFL Quarterback, Broadcaster & Entrepreneur

Travels from TN

$20,000 - $30,000

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Ashley Fox

Award-winning Sports Journalist and Analyst

Travels from PA

$10,000 - $20,000

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Magic Johnson

Basketball Legend & Civic Leader

Travels from CA

$50,000 & Above

['joe-theismann', 'Ashley-Fox', 'Magic-Johnson3', 'rocky-bleier']

Rocky Bleier

NFL Hero & Vietnam Veteran

Travels from PA

$10,000 - $20,000

['joe-theismann', 'Ashley-Fox', 'Magic-Johnson3', 'rocky-bleier', 'Mike-Eruzione']

Mike Eruzione

Olympic Hero Portrayed in Disney's Miracle

Travels from MA

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Roy Firestone

TV Personality, Impressionist, & Entertainer

Travels from CA

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['joe-theismann', 'Ashley-Fox', 'Magic-Johnson3', 'rocky-bleier', 'Mike-Eruzione', 'roy-firestone', 'mark-allen']

Mark Allen

The Greatest Triathlete of All Time

Travels from CA

$10,000 or Less

['joe-theismann', 'Ashley-Fox', 'Magic-Johnson3', 'rocky-bleier', 'Mike-Eruzione', 'roy-firestone', 'mark-allen', 'bob-costas']

Bob Costas

Emmy Award-Winning Sports Broadcaster

Travels from NY

$50,000 & Above

['joe-theismann', 'Ashley-Fox', 'Magic-Johnson3', 'rocky-bleier', 'Mike-Eruzione', 'roy-firestone', 'mark-allen', 'bob-costas', 'ed-hearn']

Ed Hearn

Inspirational Championship Athlete

Travels from KS

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['joe-theismann', 'Ashley-Fox', 'Magic-Johnson3', 'rocky-bleier', 'Mike-Eruzione', 'roy-firestone', 'mark-allen', 'bob-costas', 'ed-hearn', 'karl-mecklenburg']

Karl Mecklenburg

All-Pro NFL Celebrity, Motivator, Storyteller, Teamwork & Leadership Expert

Travels from CO

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['joe-theismann', 'Ashley-Fox', 'Magic-Johnson3', 'rocky-bleier', 'Mike-Eruzione', 'roy-firestone', 'mark-allen', 'bob-costas', 'ed-hearn', 'karl-mecklenburg', 'Darren-Woodson']

Darren Woodson

3X Super Bowl Champion, ESPN Analyst, Entrepreneur & Speaker

Travels from TX

$30,000 - $50,000

['joe-theismann', 'Ashley-Fox', 'Magic-Johnson3', 'rocky-bleier', 'Mike-Eruzione', 'roy-firestone', 'mark-allen', 'bob-costas', 'ed-hearn', 'karl-mecklenburg', 'Darren-Woodson', 'ron-jaworski']

Ron Jaworski

Philadelphia Eagles Great & ESPN Football Analyst

Travels from PA

$20,000 - $30,000

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