Keynote Speaker: Victoria

Creative Communications Strategist

Communicate. Connect. Come Alive.

Looking for an extraordinary experience? Entertainment & cutting-edge content all in one package?
Creative Communications Strategist & Hall of Fame Speaker Victoria Labalme is known her electrifying Keynote Performances and her ability to transform people`s communications: their listening, speaking and presentation skills.

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In an era of entertainment and short attention spans, Victoria shows her clients how to apply key principles from the performing arts to catapult their communications to the next level - one marked by authenticity, creativity, innovation, humor, impact and lasting results.

"The talk and WOW of my Zone Sales Meeting!" Starbucks

"A life changing experience. A truly defining moment." L`Oreal

A graduate of Stanford University and Founder of the Executive Mastery Series, Victoria brings two decades of professional performing arts experience to the business community, with appearances at comedy clubs, on Broadway, primetime news shows, HBO`s Sex & The City, advanced training with legendary mime Marcel Marceau, dozens of television commercials including a Super Bowl spot and more than 200 performances of her one-woman shows.

Victoria`s innovative approach stems from her core belief that business don`t have to be separate, that there are untapped talents hiding inside leaders and organizations and when you show people how to strategically infuse certain outside gifts into their business communications, you increase engagement, excitement and impact. You innovate. You inspire. You distinguish your brand... and yes, your bottom line blooms.

Why do the senior executives call on her for keynotes and coaching? Because "she delivers - pure and simple."- IBM. Victoria`s clients include Microsoft, Starbucks, McDonald`s, Oracle, Verizon, Blue Cross Blue Shield, American Heart Association, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, 24 Hour Fitness, Intel, New York Life Insurance, and Million Dollar Round Table.

Reconnect with your Through Line. Turn your business into art. And watch your organization and team light up.

"A huge hit with our sales and management teams!" Enterprise Rent-A-Car

"Intelligence, passion and uncommon insight" PNC Bank

"She will not leave you unchanged." New York Life Insurance

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Talk Titles:

The Through Line & The Prism Effect™:

Tap Into Your Hidden Talents To Master Communication
High Energy. Inspiring. Immediately Applicable. Ideal for opening your event.
Are your people as engaged as they could be, tapping into their hidden talents to maximize innovation, productivity and world class communication skills?

Are they taking advantage of the multiple opportunities to stand out in a crowded market? Or building relationships in a unique and compelling way?

In this keynote performance, Victoria will help your team discover and apply their hidden talents and then use those talents to communicate and innovate at higher levels than they ever thought possible. Based on her transformational systems of The Through Line™ and The Prism Effect™, this performance is like nothing you`ve experienced before.

Turn your business into art. Place your organization and people in a class of their own.

The Through Line:

The Art Of Connecting In Business And Life
High Content. Interactive. Filled with "Ah Ha" Moments & Actionable Ideas.

Do you often communicate and feel like your message isn`t sticking?

Are your clients, prospects, teams distracted and not giving you their undivided attention during a presentation or meeting?

Learn the stage and screen secrets used by the world`s best stars and directors to transform your communication, your business and your bottom line.

From "Staging a Meeting" to understanding "Subtext", from "Souvenirs" to "Velcro Communication" this event is filled with content, comedy and creative ideas.

What can business learn from the performing arts? A lot.

Communicating in a Crazy Busy Nuts World:

A Broadway-level customized performance to inspire & entertain your audience.

Does time feel like it`s moving faster and faster?

Do you get caught up in the busy day-to-day tasks and lose sight of your larger vision?

Learn to stop time.

Think it`s impossible? It`s not.

In this comedic, high content and dynamic performance, Victoria shines a bright light on the challenging issues in your organization and transforms people`s mindset by delivering practical tools for how to cut through the chaos and connect with what truly matters.

Packed with customized humor and cutting-edge techniques, this keynote provides your teams with the specific skills needed to move beyond the "crazy busy" mindset, transform their communications, and lead more productive, meaningful lives.

Comedic. Entertaining. Thought provoking.

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Speaking Topics:

Attitude, Change, Coaching, Communication, Creativity, Empowerment, Humor, Innovation, Inspiration, Life Balance, Motivation, Presentations, Sales, Stress Management, Team Building, Actors and Actresses