Keynote Speaker: Victoria

Creative Communications Strategist

Communicate. Connect. Come Alive.

Victoria Labalme, member of the Speaker Hall of Fame, is Performing Artist and Strategic Performance Coach who helps people craft powerful messages and knock their presentations out of the park—on camera, in meetings, on stage and in life.

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Her proprietary Risk Forward™, Rock the Room™ & Throughline™ systems help people transform an ordinary communication into a memorable performance experience—one marked by authenticity, creativity, engagement and lasting results.

As a speaker on some of the world's largest stages, Victoria is known for her customized Keynote Performances, which draw on her decades in show business:

Hundreds of performances of her one-woman shows at theaters around the US, Caroline's on Broadway, Gotham Comedy Club, "Bessie" directed by Academy Award winner D.A. Pennebaker, NKH-TV documentary with Robert DeNiro & Harvey Keitel, a cameo on HBO's "Sex & The City", 27 television commercials including a Super Bowl spot, advanced training with legendary mime Marcel Marceau, and producing/directing credits on shows with critical acclaim from The New York Times.

During her years in show business, Victoria delivered key product messaging to over 50 million people through her television commercial appearances alone—an experience that among many others taught her the art of high-impact communication and what it takes to make a message land.

She was voted by MeetingsNet as one of the top 11 female speakers and was invited to present in Oct 2015 along with Sir Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington, Tony Robbins and Steve Forbes at the prestigious Genius Network® Annual Event.

Victoria is the author the innovative Little Works® mini books and playbook series: The Throughline™, Risk Forward™, Rock The Room™, Crazy Busy Nuts™ and The Prism Effect™.

She offers VIP coaching, workshops and virtual training programs for top-level individuals who are committed to taking their communications, their impact and their lives to a place they only dreamed of.

Clients include Fortune 100 senior execs and top teams at Microsoft, PayPal, Starbucks, JCDecaux, McAfee/Intel, Lowe's, New York Life Insurance, BlueCross Blue Shield, 24 Hour Fitness, RE/ well as Hollywood directors, TV celebrities, leading entrepreneurs, and New York Times Bestselling Authors.

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Talk Titles:

Rock The Room For Optimum Sales

• Communicate with Impact
• Listen to Win
• Influence Decision Making

What can your business learn from the performing arts? A lot.

What are the secrets that top producers and directors know, which the business community could benefit from? In today's world, the majority of your communication comes in quick sound bites and through virtual means. Given this, are you and your teams truly ready when you finally have the rare opportunity to meet a prospect or client face-to-face? Are you clear on your message? Are you leaving a lasting impression—or do you unknowingly blow it?

Learn the critical techniques required to Communicate, Connect, and Come Alive…leave a lasting impact…and set yourself in a class of your own.

Tap Into Team Talents With the Prism Effect™

*Ideal for opening your event

• Spark Engagement
• Stand Out in a Crowded Market
• Stimulate Creativity
• Focus Your Teams

Are your people as engaged as they could be, tapping into their hidden talents to maximize innovation, productivity and world class communication skills?

Are they taking advantage of the multiple opportunities to stand out in a crowded market? Or building relationships in a unique and compelling way?

In this Keynote Performance™, Victoria will help your team discover and apply their hidden talents and then use those talents to communicate and innovate at higher levels than they ever thought possible. Based on her transformational systems of The Throughline™ and The Prism Effect™, this performance is like nothing you've experienced before.

Turn your business into art. Place your organization and people in a class of their own.

Risk Forward™

The Fastest Route to Creativity, Innovation and True Leadership

• Trust Uncertainty
• Lead like an Artist
• Explore to Innovate

Innovation requires risk; breaking new ground requires uncertainty; and top results arrive through courage. If you want your people to be engaged, excited and on the cutting edge, Risk Forward™ is your answer.

In this landmark keynote, Victoria busts the myth of goal setting and the importance of decisiveness — and provides a completely novel approach that will generate a level of leadership, ownership and innovation you have not seen before. Give your audience and teams the critical tools they need to create their best work ever.

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