Keynote Speaker: Molly

Sports Agent, Author, & Entrepreneur

Nicknamed "the female Jerry Maguire" by CNN, Molly Fletcher spent nearly two decades recruiting the top athletes, coaches and media personalities in the game.

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As one of the only female sports agents in the industry, Molly made a name for herself working with some of the top names in sports, including Tom Izzo, Ernie Johnson, Jr., Matt Kuchar, Doc Rivers, John Smoltz, Joe Theismann and hundreds more. She recruited and signed Major League Baseball stars, PGA and LPGA golfers, championship coaches, and media personalities to her client list.

In 2010, Molly started her own consulting company and began traveling the country as a keynote speaker. A popular corporate speaker, Molly applies lessons learned from her years of experience in the sports industry to the business world. She speaks to audiences around the country on topics related to sales and business development, leadership and teams, negotiation, and women in leadership.

Molly is the author of three business books. Her most recent title, A Winner's Guide to Negotiating: How Conversation Gets Deals Done (McGraw-Hill, September 2014), is a tactical guide to effective negotiation. She is also the author of The Business of Being the Best and The 5 Best Tools to Find Your Dream Career.

In addition, the Molly Fletcher Company provides a full range of services to clients. The Betterment Institute, an online learning platform, teaches relationship-based business development skills. Molly and her team also work with both corporate and sports teams to build healthy and productive cultures.

A trailblazer throughout her career, Molly has been honored with numerous awards, including Outstanding Alumni from Michigan State University, 2014 Inspiring Women by the Atlanta Dream, and the 2011 POW! Womenetics Award. Numerous media outlets have featured Molly, including The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, CNN, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and USA Today.

An active member of the community, Molly is a National Trustee member for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. She graduated from Michigan State University where she was a member of the women's tennis team (1989-1993), captaining the team as a senior. Molly and her husband Fred reside in Atlanta with their three daughters.

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Talk Titles:

Unleash Your Potential

Special things happen when we recognize our own potential, but oftentimes it takes a personal or professional crisis to create transformational change. How can we create transformational change in the absence of crisis and execute at the highest level every single day? Molly Fletcher takes lessons learned from two decades of experience in the sports agent industry and makes them applicable to our own lives. She shares stories from her experiences as one of the only female sports agents in the industry as well as lessons from some of the top athletes and coaches in the game. Engaging the audience with stories, energy and humor, Molly Fletcher outlines the 5-step process to unleashing your potential and executing at the highest level.

Transform Your Business Relationships

We live in a world where we are more "connected" than ever, but the ease of connectivity and the transformational technology has simultaneously devalued the importance of building meaningful business relationships. Successful business development is rooted in relationships, and those who learn how to effectively build and manage relationships rise to the top. How do we build better, more productive, healthier business relationships?

Working in the sports agent industry, Molly quickly realized the power of being able to take raw connections and transform them into meaningful, sustainable relationships. She shares specific tactics to help you find new business, keep your existing client base and grow those relationships to penetrate more business opportunities. Learn from Molly how to:

•Find and cultivate new business opportunities
•Turn connections into meaningful business relationships
•Differentiate yourself from the competition
•Maximize your existing business relationships to grow your business
•Close the deal in long business development cycles

Negotiate Your Way to Success:

How Conversation Gets Deals Done
Effective negotiation is rooted in establishing trust and building relationships -- one conversation at a time. Nicknamed the "female Jerry Maguire" by CNN, Molly Fletcher shares her proven approach to landing more than $500 million worth of deals throughout her career. Learn how to:

•Set the stage
•Find common ground
•Ask with confidence
•Embrace the pause
•Know when to leave

Master these steps and you'll not only close more deals—you'll be setting yourself up for the next big one.

Women Winning in Business… And Beyond

A trailblazer in the male-dominated sports agent industry, Molly empowers women to carve out their own path for success. Her message inspires, using humor and personal stories of her own experiences to connect. In this message, Molly shares:

•Manage Your Energy: Why it's more important for women to manage their energy than their time
•Purpose Driven Leadership: How passion suffocates fear and purpose anchors leadership
•Living Intentionally: Why balance is a byproduct of clarity
•Re-Framing Failure: Why women must learn to bounce back faster
•The Female Advantage: Make being the only woman in the room your advantage

Speaking Topics:

Author, Sports, Motivation, Inspiration, Negotiation, Customer Service, Branding, Business, Women, Leadership, Entrepreneur, Team Building